Spellcrafting library: Seeking to buy Scrolls


Minnesota Staff
Hello everyone,

I have recently decide to attempt a great task. I am hoping to build a library of all spellcraftable rituals. This is a large task which i am planning will take me a long time. This being said i am interested in securing the ritual scrolls listed below. Feel free to reach out to me with offers of what you are willing to sell.

-Squire Roff

Assassin's Edge
Audible Projection
Battlemage's Strike
Channel Armor
Channel Health
Elemental Imbuement
Empowered Armor
Endure Elements
Enhance Source
Enhanced Quiver
Eternal Resolution
Healing/Chaos Imbuement
Heroic Interception
Instant Trap
Jack Of All Trades
Merchant Insight
Monster Slayer
Perfect Riposte
Potion Coating
Quicken Meditation
Raging Strike
Recharge Prowess
Reinforce Armor
Reverse Life Force
Seek the Whole
Spell Swap
Spirit Link
Strengthened Blow
Summon Elemental (Foundation)
Summon Magical Creature
Trap Avoidance
Dear, Roff
recently i have come into possession of two of these scrolls, do you plan to copy them or do you wish to purchase them?

Iganeous Ironforge
I got your message Roff, and while looking through my chests i find that i have one of the scrolls you seek and the other one is on a gem and needs to be place on a item. sorry about that , do you wish to buy the one scroll?