Spirit Forge - what's your opinion?


Seattle Staff
Fearless Leader said:
We allow Spirit Forges and Race Changes because we can do them IG. If this were a real magic world, I can think of many other spells that affect your mind and body that would be much more desirable, such as a "Look Better" ritual or a "Lose Weight" ritual or "Fix Vision" or "Remove Handicap" or "Grow Hair on Bald Spot" ritual. To have the "gaming" ones and not the other ones don't make a lot of IG sense.

Gypsy Curse.


My character has had the opportunity to deal with other characters having race-changed -- and, MWE as he is (Ansconi, if you please) he is usually unphased, feeling as he does that people can do what they please so long as they don't hurt others or force themselve or their will on others.

Now, I wonder how Ondreij would feel if one of his friends changed into, oh -- a Biata or a Stone Elf. That could be some cool role play. I guess we'll just have to FOIG ... IF it ever happens.