Spirit Store and Obliterate


Per this quote:

"Note that if you are Spirit Stored, Body Stored, and Regenerated, you could immediately Regenerate within the Golem and continue on your way. At the risk of eating another Shatter Spirit immediately, of course."

Does Resurrecting end the Spirit Store ritual on a target? If it does not, does that mean the recipient of a Shatter Spirit/Oblit would

1) Reform body inside the Earth Circle, followed by

2) Their spirit immediately transporting back to their golem body?

The text of Spirit Store is pretty specific as to what ends this effect.


This post is to inform you that your question is currently being discussed by the ARC and once some clarification has been made will be posted here. Depending on the level of clarification and discussion (and potential involvement of the Owners or other national staff, if needed) this may take time.