Springdale History & Advisers


Fellow Adventurers,
As if being Jake's, Life Guide wasn't enough; he purchased the Favor of Deeded Land in Springdale from Sir Simon Sebastian at Dragonfall.
I have done extensive research about this land and summarized it below so that I can educate young Jake.
I welcome all to fill in the blanks and add clarity.
Listed below are fellow Adventures whom I would ask to spend a moment of time with Jake and me at our next market day to discuss the topic listed.
Breath Deep,


Joseph Smith - Current situation, information about Lord Lukas
Banradi &
Ilarian - Waymaker Network & the old Selunari Codes
Mathis - History, Political situation
Gideon - Resident of Springdale

Springdale South - under the Nationstate of Foundry
Fort Ana
Community of Whitford
Springdale North - under Sir Simon Sebastian
Fort Aegis
Community formaly known as Steepfall
Boarders The Bleak Mountains, nearest point of Dragonreach to Alacar, Land locked, No apparent navigable rivers, Significant areas covered by mountains.

........ Year 3 ........
Springdale, formerly known as Deadlands
Bandit raids / Refugees / Monsters from caves / People afraid of the night

Accusation by bandit king that Sir Simon is an illegitimate Knight.
Need for increased trade routes. (Enquire with Hu'ock the High Ogre)

Triage & Care Centers established (Cyn)
Defeat of the Great White Wyrm.

........ Year 4 ........
Bandits / Poverty / Lack of jobs / Myconoids
Rumor that Alacar is going to annex Springdale

Learn more about Alacar (These people have expressed interest: Banradi, Avacyn, Joseph, Ardos)

........ Year 5, current year ........
Panthergast insurgent / Enemy spy / Bandits / Myconids in mines / Lumber shortage
Community in North Springdale formally known as Steepfall, now officially Adventuring Post, with Saar's Hollow proposed.

Excerpts (some paraphrased) from Joseph Smith:
Need to protect Waymaker Network between Allacar & Dragonreach.
Establish the following Guilds: Celestial, Earth, Merchant's, Trade
Establish: Town Guard, Library, Secure Public Buildings, Defensive Wall & Fortification

Sawmill being built
Dragon Hoard outpost
Lord Lukas - possible soldiers


Tolib ⸴
I am honoured that you think so highly of my experience but i fear i can offer no knowledge of the waymaker stones or network · Banradi is ፡the፡ expert and would be your resource ⸴ if you were able to catch him between his duties and keep his attention ·

I first encountered springdale when i reunited with my cousin ardos a year and a half ago ⸴ and since that ill-fated expedition i have only returned once ⸴ this month of march past · I am willing to assist with my swords and my labour ⸴ but there are many others more versed in the events of springdale's recent history than i ·

Blessings of the ancestors ⸴


Why is someone else in charge of info about me?

Lukas (lord)


Dear Lord Lukas,

I humbly ask your forgiveness, no offense was intended.
Because I very recently came through the mist, my knowledge is inadequate. Despite my best efforts, I did not find written information about you within known sources.
If it pleases you, Lord, I would be honored to receive any information you choose to share with young Jake and myself, about you or the lands of north Springdale.

Yours Sincerely,


Dear Lord Lukas,

You are most kind.

Breath Deep,


PLEASE - Attention all Adventurers ...
A wonderfully unique talent my young charge - Jake - possesses is the ability to absorb over 90% of what is presented to him during meetings,
BUT it comes at a cost. ...
[OOG - this is called Autism [aka: Asperger's for the HF (High Functioning Autistic's in the group)] --- and something I (John) choose to call it
Awesome.ism ... !! ]

Once young Jake reaches his maximum intake for the day, it is almost impossible for him to take in new information.
To that end, I sincerely ask that you take a moment HERE to add to the history, needs, and challenges of Springdale - before our next meeting.
Your input (here) will allow me to present said information to young Jake prior to our next meeting - which will allow him to absorb new information when Jake meets you.


Willem Rivet


I am heartened to see someone more mobile than I take up this task, as I am delayed elsewhere. Springdale, as a community, is a large geographical area, with many challenges and prospects. This is why I chose to focus on Steepfall/Sarr's Hollow and the establishment of guilds and supplies therein. If you choose to focus on all of Springdale, you will find no shortage of things to do. Many can speak to you about the troubles Springdale faces, but my knowledge base is limited to Steepfall and the ongoing sabotage from the Kingdom of Alacar.

I have found that many Lords, while competent, are not generally available to the populace, adventurers or otherwise. Lord Lukas is an exception, and his forthrightness and motivation are an inspiration to us all. Should he decide to give you time, please speak with him about coordinating efforts for Steepfall/Sarr's Hollow. Please understand that Steepfall has endured many acts of sabotage and terrorism, and the more hands we employ to rebuild or address those issues also leaves us that much more open to those issues. You may be tasked with smaller issues to begin with until a trust is forged. This would be nothing personal. Even without grand strides made, we are already shielding a number of refugees in Sarr's Hollow, and their protection now falls to us.

In general terms, Sarr's Hollow has an abundance of metals and a shortage of raw lumber for building. This makes it someplace that is worth investing in, but difficult to start building. My proposed solution is a Sawmill. This Sawmill would be located elsewhere, but deliver lumbar via the Waymaker Network. This solution, though needed, will likely not be employed before the snows. I'll do what I can, but it may be wise to have the refugees either shelter in place for the winter, or head to other villages where aid is more plentiful.

The Kingdom of Alacar has agents with a vested interest in tearing down Sarr's Hollow because of its political ties to Dragonreach. The concern, I imagine, is that if Dragonreach establishes this outpost, it could be used as a springboard to attack Alacar in the far future. This is a valid concern, and at some point I'd like to open a dialogue between these countries to negotiate a permanent border between them to allay this concern. The more official we make this, the more we can call on Alacar's resources to quell the agents' activities.

Other, more immediate concerns are establishing the Guilds of Steepfall/Sarr's Hollow, and trying to secure a route from the Waymaker Stone at Fort Aegis to the village. Whether that means a proper road with guards, or periodic high hiding spots from undead/animals/elementals, I'm unsure. In any event, that route will be how we take goods and transport them to Steepfall, so it's pretty important. Other aspects that may be important and can use more hands:
Lumber from other sources.
Establishing of a Stables in Steepfall to handle carrying of goods from Fort Aegis to Steepfall.
Establishment of an armory/town guard in Steepfall. Please coordinate with Ser Simon of Fort Aegis AND Lord Lukas.
Starting to mine in Steepfall (usually means clearing mining areas of threats first.)
Seeing to the populaces' needs in Steepfall. They usually have a lot of insight into their own problems, so it's a good shortcut to helping, and hey, kinda our job as adventurers.

These things are great to do, but come second to any immediate threats to Dragonreach or their citizens. Unless a Lord or better tells to to prioritize this, please help those you can help first. Leadership already vetted things they are giving you to do at this market. This is a "as you have time" sort of scenario.

Thanks, Tolib. I appreciate that you and yours are with us. I hope to meet you after the snows.

-Joseph Smith


Wait. There’s a Bandit King and I’m just now hearing about it?!