Squiring Ceremony for Aurora Summers (Rory) 10:00AM Saturday @ Tavern

Graham Wolsey

Greetings Acarthians!

I want to cordially invite you to the Squiring of Rory on Saturday at 10:00AM in Deepjug's Tavern. The ceremony will likely take place on the back porch weather permitting so as to not disrupt patrons inside. I am very excited about the outstanding qualities Rory has shown as an Aspirant and look forward to the leadership she will provide the Court of Warchester this year in my absence.

If you are interested in respectfully viewing the ceremony, all are welcome. Current Squires especially I encourage you to attend the ceremony and give your support to a sister soon to be added to your number.

-Sir Graham Wolsey, Eagle Knight of Warchester and Lord of Port Tyrok
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