Staff Constrution


Oh, so I don't have to hide all the foam? That makes more sense. How would you attach the tip without duct tape? (The only foam I could find was 1" thick, which is why duct taping the whole thing seemed better to prevent it from splitting in half since I had to use 2 pieces)

Since this was a 'one shot' boffer weapon, the 'condom method' weakness was unimportant, even if I had known about it (I do have a latex staff on order) After I get my staff, the only reason I'd need a boffer around is as a backup if it breaks (Or if my phys-rep goes missing and is not returned promptly, which almost happened last weekend when I left it near the tavern by accident and someone took it. I had an extra weapon tag, but needed the rep back so I could use it - I got it back sometime later, so all was good. Blacksmith 1, which I took for refitting, it perfect for me because I can make 2 staves each event without much of a hitch.)
You still put the X of tape over the top of the thrustie to hold it down, but then you cover the entire weapon in cloth rather than in tape. It significantly cuts down on the weight of the weapon and looks much better, but requires sewing. Thin foam (the 1" kind like you have) makes everything a little harder to deal with because of the splitting issue, but in that circumstance I'd probably use the condom tip method, especially as a holdover weapon. If you need foam, there are a few places that will usually have it, but I'm not certain of the stores you have in your area. Craft stores (Joann, sometimes Michael's) will generally have it, but it's pretty expensive there. I usually get a 2.5'x6' sheet at Fred Meyer, where they're sold as 'foam sleeping pads.' This is way more foam than a normal person will use in their lifetime, but I go through about 1 per year, with occasional spikes of 4-5 for 'big monster making,' like Seattle's Dragon or Oregon's Dracolich. If you find one (they're generally about $20) you might get a few people to go in on it with you and divide it up, or talk to your owner and see if they'd want a big part donated for making monster camp weapons.


You can also go buy a pair of opaque tights and use them to cover the weapon. No sewing required, just a pair of scissors and some tape! Don't use thigh highs or stockings, you want the thicker stuff that's less likely to run.

Cut the leg of the stocking off, pull it down over the foam, pull it taut (not so tight you crush the foam in the tip), and remove the stocking. Cut the stocking down to size, match the other side to it if your blade lengths are equal (if you're doing this to cover a sword, throw the second leg in a pouch so you can re-cover if necessary), tape it in place and you're good to go.


Yeah, I got the 1" foam at walmart, because it was right next to the hardware store and they had NOTHING like what I was looking for. I misread it because at a glance I saw "2.5" and thought that was in inches and when I looked more thoroughly later I saw that it was 1 inch thick on the label (The 2.5 was centimetres - Canada is odd in that we officially converted to metric, but because of how much trade we do with the US we also support the archaic system since the US refuses to switch to metric even though almost all the rest of the world has, so depending on what you are looking at, it might default to the american system or it might default to metric.)

I did read in the book about using a cloth cover, but I forgot all about that. If I did want to make a nicer/more permanent weapon that's the way I would go. I would also get the thicker foam. You are right Michaels would probably have it - there's one a few blocks from Myth Games (Our chapter owner's store) and one near my Doctor's office that's... somewhat within walking distance of where I live if I'm up for a bit of a long walk. ~40 minutes or so.

I wouldn't mind paying $20 for foam for a weapon. Uh.. except that's USD so it'd be a bit more (despite our dollars being near parity now, a lot of goods pricing is still higher.) but yeah, buying that, cutting out a chunk and donating the rest might not be a bad idea. I know walmart sells foam bedding now that I think of it, so I'll have a look at that. OOH I have some covered cloth foam mattresses that I don't use anymore, I wonder what the foam on that is like if I take off the covering?

+1 to phedre's suggestion too. I was a little frustrated with this last weekend, but that's mostly because I didn't give myself enough time to finish it properly - now this might actually be fun.