Staff Item/Compensation Policy


San Francisco Staff

As a thank you for the hard work they put into the chapter, certain volunteers are eligible to receive a Staff Reward Item.

Who is eligible?

Full time volunteers, after at least one year of service, are eligible for a staff item. The determination of eligibility is made by the appropriate Head of Plot for plot members, and by the Owner or GM for all other roles. The expectation is that senior staff are always eligible, and consistently present general staff usually are.

What is the reward?

The reward is a single LCO magic item, generated per the normal item creation rules with rituals purchasable from our goblin stamp list. This item will be tagged as a staff item, and thus will be exempt from any LCO ritual caps active in ASF.

For each year of service, the item gains 4 rituals. Volunteers serving in Tier 1 staff roles at time of item creation gain 8 rituals, and those serving in Tier 2 staff roles gain 4 levels.

Once per year, or at GM or Owner discretion, an active staff member may rebuild their staff item. An additional rebuild is also granted to volunteers who retire in good standing, allowing them to rebuild the item one final time with a Preserve Duration.

Staff items will be flawed such that the rituals are only active when used by the owner. If passed off to another player, the rituals will deactivate and the item will be a normal example of that item, rendered indestructible by the (inactive) rituals upon it. The expectation is that this is a reward for the person who put in the work, not an item to be passed around. However, you can petition for your staff item to be transferred if, for example, you are unable to continue playing in our chapter, or if the story demands it. The “Rule of Cool” will be the guiding principle here.

As always, the GM or Owner may adjust these rewards as they see appropriate. Examples of this may be reducing the number of rituals for a volunteer who does light duty, or increasing the number as a reward for unusual service.

Volunteer Staff Tiers
  • Tier 1: Head Staff
    • +8 Staff item rituals and 600 GS/month
    • Head of one of the major areas of the chapter
    • Examples include Head of Plot, Logistics, or the General Manager
  • Tier 2: Senior Staff
    • +4 Staff item rituals and 400 GS/month
    • Takes a significant role in running a major area of the chapter, or head of an area with less intense responsibilities
    • Examples include Senior Plot Writers, Head of Rules, and Equipment Manager
  • Tier 3: General Staff
    • +0 Staff item rituals and 200 GS/month
    • Committed to a less intensive, but important role
    • Examples include Player Reps and Junior Plot Writers
  • Tier 4: Occasional Volunteers
    • Does not involve a regular commitment, and thus is not eligible for a staff item. (Compensated in Goblin Stamps and our sincere appreciation!)


San Francisco Staff
All currently existing staff items will need to be reprinted in order to include the new Flaw requirement. You are welcome to rewrite your staff item if desired at this time. Those volunteers with existing staff items may choose to be grandfathered via the previous staff item rules, but if they wish to take advantage of the rewrites, they must give up their grandfathered status and conform to the new policy in its entirety.

Please contact Logistics at your earliest convenience to update your tags.