[.11] Stalwart Shield and Voice Radius


This may be a LCO thing, I'm not sure if Voice Radius is specifically spelled out in this version of the rules.

Can I use a charge of 'strengthening' to resist the VR affect, as if the VR hit the shield?

General Questions:
Do I need to be trained in Shield to use stalwart shield? (Similar to how Channel didn't need the weapon skill in the old rules)



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Voice radius does not "hit" the shield, so it could not be stopped via Stalwart Shield.

You do not need training in Shield to use a Stalwart Shield Ritual, though you might take a lot of weapon blows on the way to stopping something useful :)


Also Voice Radius is a valid delivery in this version of the rules. It's on PG .97 of the ARB. Since the packet didn't notate that is changing, it's still in.

Radius: Radius deliveries include traps,
contact poisons, and monster abilities such as
eye contact or sound of voice. Usually a Hold
is called when a radius attack takes place and
everyone partially within the radius is affected.
Radius attacks can never be Dodged or Evaded