Star Shaped Throwing Weapons

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A roomate brought home a foam stress ball from US Bank that was shaped like a 5 pointed star. my immediate thought was 'Foam Shuriken', so I did some research.

You can buy the things in mass for about 50-75 cents a piece... if you order a few hundred of them at once. (75cents each for 150, 55 cents for 250, etc)

If either as a chapter, or as a joint venture between multiple chapters, someone were to order a quantity of these with or without a logo on them, do you think people would be interested in having cheap nearly-disposable throwing weapons for LARP?


-Whats the weight on them?
-What are they covered in? (I'm guessing the cheap plastic coating)
-Throw one in the freezer or outside for a while and see if the coating turns rock hard or not (Essentially, simulate cold weather)
-How far/well/accurate do they throw?

I'd totally be down for going in on some of these (especially if we can get 1 non-clown-like color, like silver) if theyre safe AND do the trick throwing wise. 10+ bucks (or like, 2-4 bucks in materials) for other stuff is fine by me, but I like cheap "Who cares if I lose it" alternatives.


Remember that foam is not so biodegradable, and so losing them is still something to be concerned about. We want to make sure to keep the site as clean as possible.

Other than that, what Eadar said regarding considerations.


Remember that foam is not so biodegradable, and so losing them is still something to be concerned about. We want to make sure to keep the site as clean as possible.

I was speaking more on losing at home, inbetween games, etc. Mostly, easily/cheaply replaceable or if you want more, cheap and easy to get.



I'll have to see if I can get one to do weather testing on. unfortunatly, you can't buy small quantity of them. They DO offer to send free samples, but need a corperate email address, which I only have generic emails and EDU emails from the college. If anyone is able/willing to use a corperate email to get a sample and test it out, hey, free throwies. Their policy is a free sample of any ONE product under $5. If you order 2-3 seperate $1 samples, you have to actually pay cost and shipping. Sizes are listed on the site.

Looking through that site, they also have some other cool shapes; small dumbells, lightning bolts, rough marble rock shapes, even some small gavel/hammer shapes.

And yes, losing them on site is in mind, which is why colors like midnight blue and forest green are out. As for colors, I was assuming silver to simulate metal, or as bright neon yellow/pink as possible to make them easy to find in the dark, or to see them comming at your head for safety.

I hope to get Jessie and Mac to weigh in also, since they are the owner and logistics heads, so their input matters. weapons appearance is kinda a gray area for the rules. Armor has to be visually represented, as well as of propper materials, but then weapons are just foam sticks, and majority of them are either bright red of flat Gaff-tape black, so using a foam baseball to simulate a knife is in the realm of questionable.

If we are getting together in January, It would be nice to get 3-4 people order free samples of different ones.. we all bring them together and compare. If people like the idea, and can approve them as safe etc, then I am willing to put in a large order, and to re-sale them at cost to the chapter, or to ship quantity of them to other chapters if they are interested as well.

Jesse Grabowski

Have to see em to say for sure. I hate the idea of any points on anything... but if they're done well and soft enough, and I stick one in my own eye first, then they might be legit.


Brian, I'm happy to order a free sample, let me know.


If anyone wants to order free samples, I'd recomend ordering the more unusual shapes and products. expecially since if it's free, might as well get one of the more expensive ones.
Anyone that does get a free sample, I have a few tests to run on them, as well as asking opinion. The more people that are willing to run these tests and give their findings, the better sample we have to go off of.

1) Place into refridgerator for a while. test for changes. Does the foam get stiff in moderate chill? Does the covering get brittle or clammy?
2) Place in freezer for a while to get to deeper cold. Similar tests.
3) In warm temperatures (80-90+) does the covering get sticky or runny.
4) In general, how durable is the covering and/or foam. Will they rip or tear easily.

Major concerns : Safety
Will they injure or hurt anyone when used
Will they damage equipment or environment by breaking down

Major concerns : Usefullness
Will they throw straight and for a reasonable distance
Will they withstand common use

Other concerns : Economy
Will having these available hurt the sales of higher quality throwing weapon representations.