Starting Gear


Hello. I am new to alliance LARP and I am getting ready for my first event. I have read the rulebook, but I am a bit confused on what gear I will be allowed. As a first-level character, am I only allowed to bring medieval-style clothing and a dagger, or full armour and weapons?


Seattle Staff
Brand new characters with 25 XP start with a pool of 150 copper pieces to spend on items and gear. These points can be spent on equipment based on its Production Point value. It can also be used to buy spells in your starting spell book at the basic spell ink cost of 2 coppers per level of the spell. Alchemy recipes can be bought for 1 copper piece per Production Point of the recipe(s) chosen. Sources can be purchased for their standard cost of 20 coppers each, while armor, weapons, and other substances like scrolls and potions can be purchased for their Production Point cost directly. Production Point costs can be found in the “Production Skills” section of the Rule Book.
If a character plays its first game with a higher XP total (for example, if you’ve NPC’d a few times before playing a PC), its starting pool is bigger to represent the gear the character might have collected in-game during its adventuring time. The pool is equal to the character’s XP times their level plus 100, up to level 30 where it caps out. Characters with enough points can spend them on starting Magic Items directly for their Ritual Point cost. This can be found on the Alliance website, where you can find a full list of Rituals with their Ritual Point costs.
Each Alliance PC will want to start with equipment appropriate for what they’re starting their first game with. Any character will want to purchase Weapon and Armor tags equivalent to the gear they start with. Some examples are given below based on your chosen class; feel free to adjust these with your chosen pool spending as you like:
Fighters: In addition to weapon and armor tags, a fighter may want to pick up a few small healing potions for emergency healing. Extra weapon tags never go amiss, either, as fighters are often in the front lines and targeted by enemy Disarms or Shatters.
Rogues: A rogue with Herbal Lore might want to buy some alchemical coatings to put on their weapons. One with Create Trap could purchase a trap or two to protect their belongings. Any rogue with Alchemy will want to purchase some starting recipes in their recipe book. If they have enough levels of Alchemy or Create Trap, they might want to purchase some globes to throw offensively.
Scholars: Any scholar with Channeling will want to purchase one or more sources through which to evoke their Channeling Pool. Scholars will probably want to fill out their spellbook with a few starting spells as well, to make sure they can memorize the spells they need to face the day. Any scholar with Read Magic can make use of a few scrolls to augment their spell slots, while healers may want some starting potions to help heal allies who go down in battle.
Scouts: Weapons, weapons, and more weapons. Scouts often have one or more ranged weapons, for which they will either want to buy ammunition (arrows or bolts) or more weapon tags (thrown weapons). Scouts might make use of some of the rogue’s sneakier options like alchemy or traps if they have the right skills.
Spellswords: Spellswords will want to make sure they have a spellbook like a scholar as well as weapons and armor like a fighter. If they have Channeling, they’ll need a Source as well.
Adepts: In addition to some of the rogue gear, adepts will need a spellbook, as well as a Source if they have Channeling. Extra potions or scrolls can help stretch their limited spells in a pinch.
Artisans: Any artisan will want to make sure to fill out spell and recipe books appropriate to their crafting skills. They may want to pick up additional starting items they can use, whether it’s earth potions, celestial scrolls, or alchemy elixirs and trap globes.


Thanks you. Would I spend these 150 copper pieces using the Character Builder, or would I exchange them for the tags when I arrive at the event?


You would technically exchange them for tags when you get to the event, but adding them as a note to your prereg for your first event will make your local logistics team very happy.


Would my character keep the unspent coppers, or would they simply "vanish" and I would be left with the standard 12 coppers?


Gettysburg Staff
You keep whatever is unspent.