Stemming the Rise of Chaos


To all suffering through the changes in magic,

My name is Gideon and I am a member of the Celestial Guild in Valborough, under Guildmaster Gend. Up until very recently, I had no ability to cast Earth magic myself. However, with the changing magics I have learned how to cast Earth magic. This has exposed me first hand, to the draw of Chaos.

As most adventurers know, Chaos magic is vile, illegal and regrettably easy to fall victim to. As I found many of my magical items shifting in their powers, the lure of Chaos wanted to take hold. I am satisfied to say I was able to resist, but I am concerned Chaos can find it's way onto to anyone, potentially without them even knowing.

That is why I am offering to Identify any who wish within the Celestial circle to root out Chaos. The process is quick, painless and quite thorough. If some form of Chaos has found it's way onto your Spirit or items I'm sure we can get it removed.

While this process is entirely optional for the vast majority, I am making a more earnest call to members of the Celestial Guild in Valborough. I do not want Chaos to be able to take root on any of our members and especially those who are invested in our Circle. Please come see me so we can Identify you. Towards the end of the summer I will be making the suggestion to Guildmaster Gend to Divest anyone who declines this precautionary measure.

I have no formal connection to the Healer's Guild in Valborough. However, I am willing to assist Guildmistress Cyn should she need her Guild's item or members to also go through this precaution.