Stories and Event Reviews for Enerret, April 14-16

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  1. It's that time again!
    Please post stories from the season opener! What were your favorite moments from this event? What kind of misadventure did you enjoy? Who got the best laughs? Who pulled the most tears? Had some epic moments or just want to share the things you loved most about game? Please share all the fun here!

    Please be kind enough to fill out an event review and summary! Cast and Crew want to hear your opinions, and that's easiest when they're all written down!
    The form is located here:
    Everyone who completes the form will receive 30 GS and also help build a better game experience.

    See some of you at Big West! See the rest of you in June at the next SF event!
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  2. Xailiav

    Xailiav Newbie

    I am slug-bait!
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  3. Embrawk

    Embrawk Newbie San Francisco Staff

    This makes me tingle with joy

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  4. Inaryn

    Inaryn Squire San Francisco Staff Marshal

    So, the caretaker and his girlfriend came by and asked us in the kitchen if we use little tokens for things. We said yes, and they said they'd found some on their water pump that morning and wanted to know what to do with them. I shrugged and said they could put them in the duck or toss them in the dirt, whichever. I was putting the bacon in the serving tray at the time, and offered them some bacon. The caretaker's girlfriend gladly accepted a piece.

    Some time later, the gf came by again and flashed a reagent at Dan. "Hey, can I trade this for a piece of that coffee cake you guys made?"

    >.> Pavlov ain't got nothin' on us.
  5. Kasuni

    Kasuni Squire Owner Seattle Staff

    Hoot hoot!
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  6. Embrawk

    Embrawk Newbie San Francisco Staff

    I'm telling you it was a dove.

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  7. Lunchbond

    Lunchbond Newbie

    Hi everybody! I had a really great time at the event, this was my first SF game in at least 3-4 years and it was a lot of fun. Some of my favorite moments:
    -Being reunited with my long lost Gran Gran before being tragically separated at the hands of the barbaric adventurers. RIP Gran Gran.
    -The Saturday morning wake up mod that turned out to be the Iliad of wake up mods, including a breakfast break, a lunch break, a play in three parts, reinforcements, de-enforcements, five additional mods in different groups, and a full duration battle cast circle of power hang out around an unconscious goblin stuck in a giant cocoon.
    -Bobby being an absolute champ and throwing on abomination gear to run out and confront Tsurra(sp?) and myself while we were walking down the road, thinking we were the PC group come knocking.
    -Operation Meatball
    -Knocking down the door on the hag house, then face planting into the wall of force on the other side.
    -Coordinating the defense outside the hag house with Hildir(sp?) while the Crones croney got rinsed by the group that went inside and apparently made a mess of dinner.

    Thanks for being great, I can't wait to come back.
    -Nick Bond/Hugh
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  8. Shin

    Shin Artisan

    Hey Folks, Had a fantastic game with you all. It is a pleasure as ever to see new and old faces! Can't wait to see you again at either Big West or in June!

    In no specific order
    - Sneaking Mission through the sewers.
    - The trap you are ignoring is still a trap. But is it a trap if I spring it, knowing it is a trap, waiting to trap the trapper?
    - Setting up mods and getting devious with trapping. Feat. Jason
    - Getting to fight a baby Outsider and confirm all my concerns
    - Hag Fight was a lot of fun, generally funnier than I had expected. Cheers to the players I charmed who played along with Gran Gran. RIP Gran Gran.
    - Props were awesome, was really impressed and excited to check them out in play!
    - Necro Moth Murder Squad - The cover band for Crap Trew
    - Calderon's Story for Mother Crone
    - The Scene with the Winter Queen and Her honor guard. Definitely a nervous scene. But super rewarding!
    - Ew Gross is Eternal
    - Somehow, growing desperate enough to trust a Biata, finally.

    So many more memories to come!
    See you all next time!
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  9. Freyir

    Freyir Newbie

    Oh Man. SO MANY. A Few
    • Kasuni's Sass
    • "Disarm Bacon"
    • "Magic Table provides. MAGIC TABLE. MAGIC TABLE"
    • The epic tea time scene with the Lord of Eternal Life.
    • Being woken up at 7:30am by abominations and not finishing that whole friggen Mod till right before Dinner. Please keep in mind I went to bed at 5:00am BOBBY :p
    • The final Epic Battle. Team Meatball FTW
    • " Do I have permission to destroy Yama?" " Psssh. Oh Yes"
    • The Hag fight
    • "We want your shinnies!!!!" " HES SHINNIE! WE WANT HIM!" -Trades-
    • Chasing the Jester for theft and throwing him in jail
    • All the small mods leading to the big epic fight at the end. Well done plot
    • Getting my first lead on the day wolf :D
    And thats just to name a few!
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  10. Freyir

    Freyir Newbie

    Having Hugh as a second was great! Thanks man!!!!!!!! and Its Hildr' :D!
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  11. Camp fires both nights *two thumbs up*
    Seeing Leon walk up wearing a white belt. Way to go my friend!
    One hell of a bidding war with Kreiger on the Perm scroll. I swear one of these days I will get one.
    being able to give up my bracelet FINALLY!
    Ashinspire providing me with plenty of road beers
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  12. Xailiav

    Xailiav Newbie

    Magic table, magic table...this needs to be a magic item IG. XD
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  13. Tsura

    Tsura Newbie

    All hail Magic Table.
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  14. Xailiav

    Xailiav Newbie

    Explaining cells and molecules to Kjelt.

    Me: So there are these tiny things that make up everything there is...
    Chuck: Celestial magic.
    Kjelt: 0.o
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  15. Gotta say, Props to Bobby for his portrayal of Stitcher. Getting to roleplay with him was great! While everyone was off talking about "how to kill this *******" Actually interviewing and learning the story of a little goblin who taught himself magic and hid from the nightmares of the city was fantastic. And the fact that while everyone was figuring out how to destroy the magic circle, I was allowed in and out by just asking politely was Hilarious. And it led to a tense moment of craziness and that was fun.
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  16. Oh yeah. And all hail the magic table.
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  17. Tulbor

    Tulbor Artisan

    "Let me in the circle! HEY! Let me in!! LET ME IN!!" <gets in. everything is dead> "Well crap"

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