Stories and Event Reviews for Maelstrom, March 10-12

Sorry everyone! I was super sick after this event and it slipped my mind. Thank you for the folks who reminded me!

Man, this event right?

Please post stories from this ridiculously emotionally devastating event! What were your favorite moments from this event? What kind of misadventure did you enjoy? Who got the best laughs? Who pulled the most tears (hahaha it was staff. It was staff the whole time :| )? Had some epic moments or just want to share the things you loved most about game? Please share all the fun here!

Please be kind enough to fill out an event review and summary! Cast and Crew want to hear your opinions, and that's easiest when they're all written down!
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See you all at a kinder, gentler (but also incredible) Enerret.
"Massive Eviscirate!" "Phase!" "ok then!"
I always have way too many of these!

- Nikos ritual casting w/ Kasuni, Liren, and Terren. One of my favorite half hours of game.

- Kasuni getting turned into undead by the gryphon and some of the ensuing moments.

- Late night/early morning talk with Terren. Finally hearing what Polare said!

- Captioning the conversation between Tevas, Calderon, Akemi, Shin, and Terren from across the room. Calderon "stealing Terren's lunch money, and paying it to James.

- War pre-planning with Kurrakhorum, Shin, Calderon, Kjeld, and Terren. Clearly hyped after that! I always love every scene with Kurrakhorum.

- One million discussions with Tevas about leadership

- Questioning the stone elf with Hildr - super interesting reveal!

- Long talks with Akemi. Really, every moment of Akemi, from "we're idiots" to "mildly depressed rage-monsters eating chocolate"

- The opportunity to fight Angana again, then Silence taking her away, *again*!

And there were many more. Can't wait for Enerett next month!
Squaring up to an undead Kasuni while internally screaming "I'm so out mage'd here I'm gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeee" and the ensuing magic fight being awesome even if completely one sided. XD
Repelling outsiders while the line picked up disarmed weapons.
That moment when the portal closed my stomach dropped 1000 feet.
Having tea with everyone telling stories. Because apparently my stories are fun and uplifting (not)
Everyone's surprised expression when I wanted to observe a ritual being the weaker player that I am was awesome.
The wooonderful drama when my spacetopus eye affliction got worse was a lot of fun!
And finally, The INTERVIEWS. I loved interviewing everyone's characters! It might as well been an episode entitled "War Stories." Everyone's in game exploits are so much fun to hear about and to have it all said in character was priceless.
I've never gotten so deep into the roleplay aspect up until this event. But researching, interviewing, and just learning so much about everyone's and the land's history, not to mention all our friends from Ceriopolis. It truly felt like a much larger world was all around! Great event!