Stormbreak 2018, Season 2 event schedule


Season 2 Event 1
May 18 – 20: Stormbreak
Political Aspirations. Stormbreak Season 2, Opening Event. After the hardest winter on record the spring brings with it the Harbinger of a new threat. An old enemy offers an alliance as the trolls focus on forging more than just a cauldron. The Empire’s newest House, Wyndael, stands on shaky legs as a newly minted mediator amidst a sea of calamity. Makes you Hunger for the good old days, doesn’t it?

Season 2 Event 2
June 29 – July 1: Stormbreak
Break Through. Alliances are forged as others are shattered. A new contender for the Imperial Throne enters the field - but can he escape the shadows of his past to live up to a dream for tomorrow? A Storm is blowing through the Cloud Empire and when the Reign comes nothing will escape the downpour. As if the Orcish invasion force led by a Cannibal, the undead Goretongue, and a strange spectral elf weren't enough, rumors that a Stormborn ship has been seen deep within the Maelstrom Bay. Will Wyndael stand as the eye of the storm or be washed away by the rising tides?

Season 2 Event 3 - finale
August 17 – 19: Stormbreak
Lullaby. Can a troubled spirit be laid to rest or will the skeletons of the past forever haunt those left behind? Deeper shadows lurk just on the edge of visions and voices of the distant past roar. Stormbreak Keep is again awash in Imperial conflict with the wounds of the last battle still fresh in Wyndael. Will the Maelstrom again echo with the too familiar sound of War ? This cannot yet be the end of the Storm, but perhaps this is the end of the beginning.
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