Stormbreak Pre-Reg for first event

Mike Ventrella

HQ Staff
Pre-registration is closed


1. Kelly Allard + year membership + $40 food donation + prelogisted
2. Dustin Crewell + year membership + $40 food donation + prelogisted
3. Scott Kondrk
4. Dee Kondrk
5. Heidi Hooper
6. Mike Ventrella + prelogisted
7. Kris Kitts + year membership + prelogisted
8. Eric Gibson + prelogisted (WAITING TRANSFER)
9. Kenneth Swartz + prelogisted
10. Ryan Bowen + prelogisted (WAITING TRANSFER)
11. Dirk Kassner + prelogisted
12. Erika Noach + event membership + prelogisted
13. Chris McGrath + prelogisted
14. Michelle Stagnitta + prelogisted
15. Dustin Springer + prelogisted
16. Jonathan Quigley
17. Dominic Alioto + year membership + prelogisted
18. Miles Frost + prelogisted
19. Ericka Skirpan + $10 food donation + prelogisted
20. Tyson Weise + year membership + prelogisted
21. David DeMartino
22. John Robertson + $50 food donation + prelogisted
23. Lexx Ravenhallow + event membership
24. Kyle Spriggle
25. Lyndsay McClain + event membership + prelogisted
26. Anna Krystosek + event membership
27. James Richmond + year membership
28. Joshua Harrison + event membership + $15 food donation
29. Gabriel Obermayer + year membership + prelogisted
30. Samuel Obermayer + event membership + prelogisted
31. Will Mullaly + prelogisted
32. Robert Stoel + prelogisted
33. Alexander Kracht + prelogisted
34. Akiva Blickstein + year membership + prelogisted
35. Daniel Gelerman + prelogisted
36. Tammy Amnott + event membership
37. Cole Angelo + prelogisted
38. Tyler Pae + event membership
39. Scott Babcock
40. Danielle Darwell + prelogisted
41. Marj Sailer
42. James Sailer + prelogisted
43. Ashley Thomas + prelogisted
44. Adam Cushion + prelogisted
45. Ryan Bowen + event membership + prelogisted (WAITING TRANSFER)
46. Elizabeth Vanfleet
47. Matthew Miller
48. Emily O'Neil + prelogisted
49. Todd Russell
50. Amanda Troy + prelogisted
51. William Mann + event membership
52. Masani McGee + event membership
53. Robin L Moore (OWES LATE FEE) + prelogisted

1. Henry Hart
2. Hoyce McGurgle
3. Bill Gibbs
4. Magdalen Blankenship + year membership
5. Kate Fierens
6. Jason Potechko
7. Aaron Marks + year membership
8. Aurora Marshall + year membership
9. Paul Boyle + year membership + $40 food donation
10. Jeremy Rogers (Sat-sunday)
11. Jess Benjamin
12. Alex G.

13. Shaheen Rogers
14. Justin Coggin
15. Adam Schaller + year membership
16. Britney S.
16. Thomas Soper (Sat-Sun)

Phoenix: Cole Angelo and friends
Gryphon: Dom, Ashley, Tyson, Kyle
Dragon: Mage's Guild
Pegasus: Commoner's Cabin
Gargoyle: Orc Crew
Wyvern: Century Hawk Mercenaries

Fire: Kelly Allard
Water: Kris Kitts
Earth: Michelle Stagnitta
Air: Erika Noach
Spirit: Chris McGrath

Note on housing: There are enough beds for everyone, but we ask that you be kind to those who may show up and don't have a reserved space. If someone has no place to sleep and you have a spare bed, please be kind and let them stay there. Note that whichever cabin is left after the others have been reserved will be set aside for the "commoner's cabin" for those who have no pre-arranged group to share space with.
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Gettysburg Staff
Did the thing, paid to reserve Water. I am approximately 300% hype.


HQ Staff
Please add me to play Roark


HQ Staff
Just paid PC and to reserve Air!
Bill Gibbs to NPC.
Will be coming to PC, just paid for the event, and to reserve Spirit please!


HQ Staff
Please add Kyle Spriggle to play Roark


Gettysburg Staff
Dom Alioto to PC as Randolph Gambo - Paid + Membership

Would also like to request Gryphon Cabin for
Dom Alioto
Ashley Thomas
Will Kinkaid
Tyson Weiss

Ericka S.

Ericka Skirpan pre-regged to PC "Vesper Simanova" . Thanks folks, so hyped!

Mike Ventrella

HQ Staff
Dom Alioto to PC as Randolph Gambo - Paid + Membership

Would also like to request Gryphon Cabin for
Dom Alioto
Ashley Thomas
Will Kinkaid
Tyson Weiss
Absolutely! However, as per our policy, you need 4 people pre-paid to reserve a cabin. After all, it's the only fair way to do it -- we don't want to assign a cabin with only one person paid and then four people sign up and request that same cabin (or worse yet, request a cabin but they're all full). So as soon as you get four people paid, it's yours! :)


Paid to play Koba. Prelogist will be on the way after dead lands opener.


HQ Staff
Anyone wanna ig crash with a slightly off high ogre shaman plz no elves or orcs apply.. storm's and dwarvs ok