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    My friends, you whom I call family and share my home and heart with, we cannot sit idle! Lord Magnate Ryatt, Lady Keegan and their troops have been forced into a defensive position within a tower within our borders, harried at all sides by emboldened trolls. Have you not more pressing business for the good of us all, I would humbly ask you join me in assaulting the troll forces and returning our friends to safety. I welcome any hands that wish to aid me, and any minds that wish to come together to seek victory in the swiftest and most cunning manner. Please notify me with all expedience if you wish to assist, and I thank you from the depths of my heart.

    -Oxalis of Wyndael, Warlord of House Heinlein (as dictated to Tibialis)
  2. Scarn

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    Given the gravity of the situation and need to provide fire power against the trolls, I will advocate for additional incentive. All apprentices in good standing with the Wyndael Mages Guild able to assist in this task will be nominated for advancement to the High Sorcerer. Considering how important this task, I cannot imagine that he would disagree. It cannot be said profoundly enough how badly the people of Wyndael need these two leaders back safely amongst us.

    Oxalis, I will of course land my aid to the battle as I am able.

    Greysen McAllistar
    Journeyman of the Imperial Mages Guild
    Officer of House Sterne
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  3. Oxalis

    All 7 members of the Black Tusk war band will come to your aid in this rescue attempt.

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  4. Adamc

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    I will help in what ever capacity is needed if you will have me
    ~Asa Freewind~
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  5. Oxalis

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    It is an honor to have you all by my side!
  6. Zymm

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    You may count on my assistance as well.

    Jantis Ehrlich
    Journeyman of the Imperial Mages Guild
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  7. Jovunn

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    I stand with you.

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