Strategy Proposal

I would like to propose the following points of strategy for our next encounter with Bolander for the consideration of all combatants.

- I have once again taken the boon of encouragement. I suggest anyone with the resources do so as well.

- anyone with a shield should take the front and under absolutely no circumstances separate from one another. The wall is our greatest defense against incoming attack.

- anyone with defensive spells should stay on the backs of the shield bearers to ensure they keep a healthy layer of weapon shields, spell shields, and elemental shields as needed.

- when not casting defensives, disarm spells should be used liberally. One caster should focus solely on keeping the shield down and another on keeping the weapon down.

- Anyone with a weapon should move in IMMEDIATELY when both Bolander’s shield and sword are down. Move all at once, act as a swarm, not a trickle. Try to surround Bolander if you can. You will only have five seconds to deal as much damage as possible. Afterwards, fall back and wait for another opening.

- Do not permit Bolander to move about the battlefield. Attempt to block his movements and keep him pinned down.

- If he does manage to move about, do not break formation. Battling one-on-one is a fool’s errand. Stick together at all times.

I will bring these points up again at the upcoming market before we enter the fray. If anyone has anything to add, please make your thoughts and opinions known.

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