Striking Back

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Minnesota Staff
*This message is heard as a psychic imprint in the minds of anyone with an adventuring spirit who chooses to listen*


A few weeks ago I discovered the source of Yushein’s “natural” undead, as well as the treachery of an enemy I thought to be contained millennia ago.

I discovered that King Drevldren was slain three years ago, his corpse bound to an artifact of Chaos Magic that has been the source of the Undead that plague our land. His council, and I believe every council since Yushein’s founding, are possessed by Wraith Knights, the greater undead whose sole purpose is the destruction and subjugation of the Plane of Life into a Plane of Chaos.
I have freed the councilors from their possession and have battled with the Wraith Knights. They retreated behind a vast wave of undead, and I have contained them so they can be destroyed. I lack the strength to contain their Chaotic magic and strike them down, so I call upon you, who have helped my brother restore his land to aid me in destroying this corruption from mine.
Come to Yushein when you all gather again to Fort Wojtek, and my Griffon Guard will direct you in destroying the artifact of Chaos that has stained my lands and my people for millennia.

-Phelorna, Guardian of Yushein
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