Stumbling out of the fog...


A lone traveler stumbles out of the fog, accompanied by a light tinkling sound like hundreds of little metal chimes from her lapis armor. She raps a gauntlet deprecatingly against the side of her side, hoping to clear out the cobwebs from her aging and dream-addled brain.

"Okay now, where am I?"

One white and tan eyebrow, a wild spray of feathers, cocks upwards.

"When am I?"

"Let's see if some of my people are still around..."

The hundred chimes push onward, dancing across the breeze.
Welcome back, my friend. It is good to see you. Rest your weary feet at Castle Husky, we have much to catch you up on.

~Baron Zihr of House Husky

Its been a long time. Welcome to Erabella. Its, more welcoming than Ravensong.

Knight Captain Cassandra Malvern