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    IBGAs will be due Friday July 19th -Any IBGA recieved when we check the email on Saturday July 20th will be responded to. Submit via:

    We encourage anyone who has been to a 2019 event or intends to attend the August 30th Weekend to submit an IBGA- as a note we only except an IBGA for one character per player BUT feel free to let us know what your alts are doing if they are in our lands. There will however be no response. Any alt actions should be a simple declarative. He is hunting undead the end or ect....

    Everyone gets a Primary action. This is the meat and potatoes portion. Because Summer is a longer period of time we will also allow a Second Primary Action!! A group ibga counts as one of these.

    Bonus actions are generated by a handful of sources such as buildings, magic items, titles, ect. If your unsure if you have one ask!

    Please list COs as they will aid your tasks and potentially generate extra information!

    For anyone who does not know what to do rest assured there will be a Group IBGA announced after the July 14th One Day. Also reach out to the various noble PCs as they may have a task for you too look into, or speak with the Plot team as perhaps we can help you figure out what your character is interested in!
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