Alt plot will be putting our Solus plot on a pause.

Prior to the pandemic, our alt plot planned to wrap up the Solus adventure in late April. We have enjoyed bringing you discord content throughout quarantine, but never intended our story to have this much content so near it's conclusion. We have elaborated, collaborated and created happily with and for you these past months, but feel now it is in the best interest of the Solus story and the lives of our alt plot team to give Solus a pause.

We are so excited about the IG content leading up to the pause and the lore justifying it. But we want to give you an OOG opportunity to ask questions and prepare. The pause will take place at the end of June. Should our player base wish to return to the Solus adventure when ALU opens up to live events again, our alt plot team has a plan. Should our player base never return to this Solus story plot line, we have provided for this contingency as well as we move our alt plot to a satisfying cliffhanger pause that can be indefinite.

We are so grateful for the players that have invested in our alt campaign, from Utah and across the country. We will have more OOG and IG info regarding the content for the next two weeks as we progress.