Sweet Dares Saucy Bets


How Y'all doo doin

Much excitement in my bones at fresh faces.

I hope you like to gamble, I hope you like to win prizes. I have heard tale of some doo called Venturers who I gots to meet.

I will be coming to your town for some games in which my vast fortune can finance your joy and we can all be entertained. Promise grab prizes for all.

First will be a speed eating competition of sweet dairy butter one stick apiece. Two prize here for ya do

Next doo goin step over to the pastry cakes which are light, fluff Infused with zebra marrow. Contest to eat more than your opponents with wicked speed. Only one prize here.

Then goin have y'all step over to the lemon eating contest. Rind and all. Rind best part nutritionally wise. Everyone who does this is a prize winner.

Last is the candied burnt nuts distance spittin contest. That ought be outside for sure. One prize and one fello gets keep the nut.

Each competition will be limited by the supplies on hand. Compete in one, or all. Spectate one or all takin bets. Whooo.

Arjac Black
Prospector Doo