Symbol for Gypsies


I had a question arise. If there was a single object/symbol that you felt represented gypsies, what would it be? I answered him with a Jack of Diamonds. I further explained that it had more meanings such a the diamonds for the rich history and flambouant ways, the Jack, also known as the Knave, for the sometimes wrongly thought of trickster ways and a playing card as the chance, the fortune and the games they all love.

But I was wondering, what would other gypsies feel would be a good symbol? Imagine it being posted on the front of a door and people would say, "Yup, Gypsies are welcome there." I know my card would be more for a gambling den than a gypsy haven but meh. :)


Personally, I would say find the lightest, most colorful scarf you can, and hook an anklet worth of bellydancing chimes to it. The color, the sound, the way the wind will play with it, they all make up a reflection of exuberant life, and THAT'S what the gypsies are all about.


Oregon Staff
Daniel: LIKE! +1


Oregon Staff
Other ideas:
-->A parrot or something similar: brightly coloured, loud, free as the wind. You can even use it as an excuse to set up the Tiki Room and sing the song too... "All the gypsies sing and the flowers croon in the tiki-tiki-tiki-tiki Tiki Room..." Just make sure you aren't mistaken for a biata enclave.
-->A kite. I think that one's self-explanatory. Plus it comes with a song, too! You're already singing it to yourselves right now, aren't you?! Double points if you put bells on the tails.
-->You could go a bit more straight-forward and put up a picture of gypsies dancing around a campfire with people playing music and wagons in the background. I think everyone would get that one. :)


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In real life the international symbol for gypsies is the 16 spoked wagon wheel, usually purple or black against a light background, the wheel often will have less than 16 spokes but always a devision of 4...