Tabbard colors

So im working on character background and was wondering if there are any tabbard color schemes that should be avoided due to ig baggage that may be associated with it. I was told black and gold are ok, but red and white should be avoided due to them being kingdom colors.
Anything else i should know before i get to sewing?


Off the top of my head, I know Bluewater Keep's colors are Blue and Grey.


The Company sometimes wears their white and green.
Lifestorm is black and blue.
Griffin Guard, when they're here, is black and green.
Moonlight Knights are black, blue, and purple.
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Iconography is just as important for most guilds and organizations in game as colors. If you were to wear black and blue. You could be lumped into the House of Games of Lifestorm. But, each of those guilds has their own symbolism and icons. Ultimately, colors can be deeply personal for characters. I would encourage you to wear what you want and let things happen organically in game.