Tavern / Cabin Cleanup Thanks

EDIT: I left out the names of two Kitchen Cleaner-upers: One Jorshua McLain (of the Clan McLain) and One Matt Ferrarrarra, Dr. Lawyerface. Thank you.

I wanted to give some serious thanks to our l33t Tavern cleanup team:

TrackStar Mike
Rob Daniels

I also wanted to give some epic thanks to our consistant PC cabin cleaner-upers:


All of you guys are going to get some extra "Thank You" goblins for putting all the time and effort into making sure the Tavern building was spotless. Im also giving a bonus to TrackStar and Amber for not only cleaning the Tavern building but for cleaning up all the dirty dishes in the Kitchen.

I really would like to reiterate Jorsh's Cleanup comments at PC talk. It is extremely important that you all give a hand in the cleanup. I know no one wants to do the cleaning up but if we DONT do the cleanup, we will lose this camp and potentially not have any events. I really dont want this to happen and I am sure no one wants that to happen.

If you did do cleanup, other than your own mess, please let me know. I am going to be keeping track of all the people cleaning up to make sure they get extra goblins.

Thanks again to all you guys.