Tavern name suggestions!!

Good day everyone!!

Hope this finds you all well!

July is coming soon and I am excited to see you again who will be traveling!!

It has been a few months now since I have taken leadership of the tavern, a tavern that is in need of a name!

So adventurers, would you do me a kindness in helping coming up with some names? Please nothing vulgar.

Thanks and see you soon!!!

If you don't mind the input from a wanderer, I'm always partial for color/noun names - coming from running the Purple Pegasus Inn for many a year myself.

The Violet Valkyrie comes to mind
Or the Violet Vessel

-Nigel Peaks
Hello again, so while these suggestions are great, I am looking for more!

I have heard you adventuring types might be more inclined if it's a contest with a reward.

So, if you suggest a name for the tavern, and it gets picked, you will get a reward!!

So let's see them suggestions!!
The Briar..
The Shaddy Oak..
The Inn with No Name...
The Mug and Rose..
Adventures Rest..

Just a few ideas.

- Fenn
Violet, any thoughts on the names give? Or would you like some more to choose from? I'll be around town for a few weeks.