Tavern Rules:


1) Clean up your own mess and do your own dishes. If you wish to leave a tip and have this service provided for you that matter can be negotiated.

2) Any Weapon, shield or other article(s) left unattended will be confiscated. A fee will be charged to reclaim them. Fees are based on the value of the item. I will not have anyone harmed by your negligence in securing your arms. If you wish to store items in the Armory a fee can be negotiated. Note: It is cheaper to rent space in the armory, as opposed to buying back your unsecured items.

3) For those of you using or working in the kitchen the Armory fee will be waved. There are to be no weapons left on the food preparation tables or counters in the kitchen. Also, there is no sitting on the countertops (This places your dirty boots directly over the dishes we eat off of. I don't like having to wash dishes twice).


Evad, your friendly Inn Keep