Tea Time is time for Talking


I don't usually say a lot on market days or feel very comfortable with talking much because of how insular things have become due to the tense atmosphere amongst our community.

After talking a lot with Benjamin Bookworm and Sam Gemclipper, drinking tea with several with many of the lovely ladies (and Wild Rose), seeing the council of minor grievances, and being part of a sucessful quest possibly suitable to current interests last my last market day in Wayside I have come to a conclusion - I would like to hold a tea party to discuss the current goings on in town as well, future plans for making the younger adventurers feel more welcome, and to get to know you all better. If you have anything you feel that needs to be talked about or said, especially if it's something other than those issues, please come.

In dark times such as these, we need to communicate with eachother rather than continue with the passive agressive behavior I saw a lot of last marketday in Ravensong. I understand we're all very angry and concerned over the laws of this land, but I believe that we can persist and survive with grace and due dignity if we treat eatchother and others with kindness.
I am not advocating singing kumbayah and making friends with every necromancer we meet or the Duke. However, maintaining civility is crucial to gaining possible insight to the strange and nonsensical seeming workings of this land. Aunty Suzie always said "It's easier to trap flies with honey than vinegar" and I think that applies here.

I will be bringing tea and an open mind. You are welcome to bring cookies, food, or other refreshments if you like.

Suggestions as to whether it be midmorning or afternoon Saturday would be welcome.

Auryn Fairhorn


Well spoken, Auryn. I'm not much of a tea drinker, but with your permission I'd like to join you.



Chicago Staff
I feel this is a great idea as well. I will be sure to be in attendance. Perhaps tea shortly before Lunch?

Lord Asher Oakheart


How Lovely!!!


If a guard during these tense and troubled times would be welcomed by your group, I would be honored to attend.

If your party-goers would be uncomfortable with that, I would still enjoy sharing a cup with you at some point.



What I'd like to discuss involves the whole town, Azeban, though I would not say no to having a cup of tea with you other times as well.

I will be making several types of tea, including one that rather reminds me of an old Gaden drink called glogg which is rather like a mulled cider, Zihr. I think you might like it as has a bit of a kick to it. I shall also likely prepare at least two others.

I know many sides know more than what they're revealing in regards to current events and I was hoping that we could all hold a civil information gathering meet, checking our weapons and tempers at the door so to speak. I would like to start off with a small speech I have prepared and go from there. I hope to mediate this discussion as a neutral party.

Before lunch Saturday sounds lovely, Lord Asher. I would like to hold it ideally around 10 or 11 so I can help milady Joanna prepare lunch afterwards.

If anyone has a kettle currently not in use I could use a few to borrow. I will be bringing both of my cast iron kettles and my six teacup set, but more cups would be welcome as well. I plan to make several types of tea and will take requests an hour before the meet.



I have several tea cups as well as tea pots that I can bring.

-Lady Johanna of Gaden

Jeremy M.

Noble Maid Auryn,

If you are the Auryn whom I had met upon the last market day, then I know that this noble event shall be both soft-spoken and greatly heeded. I shall make effort to attend, though since last market day I have strayed far afield from the Lady's tavern. If I do not arrive for your tea, know that I shall come later in the day. I would be amiss to be not there at all.

May kindness prosper ever in your presence,
from Loup the Errant.