Teacher Card Question


I have been doing a lot of work to get this trap, lock and generaly legerdemain geared scavenger hunt together. I even bought real medals for the awards. Unfortunately I didn't really think about how few players actually have legerdemain. Would it be okay for those with legerdemain and teacher cards to use them during the scavenger hunt for those without the skill? It would be like an instructional and the course is part of the instruction. Of course I would RP this. Is that okay or no?


I was sorta gonna mention this to you, but then I didn't want to bring ya down =P


Minnesota Staff
It's because for the most part (not counting our dear Garbiel) traps and the like don't really pop up in game. If we had stuff like this more often I'm sure it would be a more common skill- and seriously, good on ya for coming up with something that actually puts the skill to use! You're making me wish I did have a char next game with it.

I would love to see something that might help the numerous non-legerdomain characters participate. It's a really cool idea!


Never assume nobody has ledgerdemain. There were a number of trap mods at the National event, for example.

Many simply don't mention it, and once you have enough magic items traps that can really hurt you are either npc-only or too expensive for PC's to make, so they just get walked through. Not to mention the simple fact that ledgerdemain is one of the least 'be all you can't be' skills we have available. Unless you're getting a good bit of practice, the skills needed aren't really ones you use in the day-to-day world, and it's all too easy to get really rusty. Trust me on this one. ;)

That said, anything that gets more traps in circulation is great in my book. The only drawback to teaching on the fly is the rules on spending build wouldn't allow the learning players to pick up the skill mid-game, so they can't even try to disarm a trap or pick a lock, even if they can OOG figure out how. Sucks, I know. Nothing stopping anyone from teaching the OOG skills as part of an in-game event, of course! Good roleplay is always good.


Minnesota Staff
I'm actually wondering if this shouldn't be a question for plot, to see if you guys can't work something out just this once. Remember the ceremony after bloodball. Maybe you can tie it in.