Tell me more of this..."secondary campaign"

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  1. Joseph Smith

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    ...because I love you guys and everything you touch is gold.

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  2. If you are talking about the gist plot- and I am guessing you are - it is a number of games a year run by Baylan, Dave, and Ian.

    It is fully the same rules and we can play (and most do) the same characters as always but it takes place removed from Dragonreach - that way our plot guys can play their characters and not have to worry about npcing our usual contacts :)

    It will be run in the July one Day and the August game.

    What else ya wanna know ?

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  3. Alkalin3

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    Annette hit it on the head.

    We've been doing this for 8 years. We need a chance to regain some of our energy. Ian, Baylan, and Dave did a great job last year as a "guest" event. So after talking to them, we're going to get them to run a few more events here and there.

    The main campaign isn't going anywhere. And if y'all are keep staying good at moving land masses, there may be even overlap.
  4. Played the guest event last year and 10/10 would recommend (and will be back to play it again this year!).
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  5. PYKE

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    I do have a question on buildings for the August event. I have been building up and creating things to make a alchemy shop. Will our physreps buildings still be able to be used for the weekend. I really would like to show off all the new things I have been doing.

  6. Alkalin3

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    I can't speak for the Kalinthas plot team and what they are planning. But, I do think that it'd hurt our wonderful cabin setup to not allow people to decorate their buildings. People will probably be asked to sleep in different places to shake up the town though like last time.
  7. PYKE

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    I have bought a yurt tent and would like to set it up so to have a spot by itself so not to take room from other who want to sleep in the mixed cabins unless there is room to take up. I dobt mind doing either just don't want to take away people's area to sleep. If the other plot team is fine with me putting up a yurt I will.
  8. Alkalin3

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    We had a whole empty cabin last event, and people did a really nice job setting up their cabins.
  9. Banradi

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    We absolutely encourage people to decorate their cabins to help with the immersion of the game. That being said, certain buildings may be changed and/or moved to help make our campsite feel like a different place.

    Also, please remember the ARB rules on how workshops function:
    We will do our best to notify players with enough advanced warning in order to properly prepare. Thank you for your understanding and support!

    Dave, Baylan, and Ian
    Kalinthas Plot
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  10. Ardos

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    that said, you can set up a yurt if you want, just know we might tell you generally where to put it.
  11. PYKE

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    That's fine. I want to try to outdo the healer guild cabin.
  12. GenevieveAnn

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    We set up some cool labs/workshops in our cabin and it really added to them
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