Tell us what you think so far... AND FAQ

We want to know what you think about the race packets and other documents we have released so far!


I love what you guys have created so far! If i may make one small suggestion, Would i be possible to make it more clearer of what kind of race some of your special races are? I.E. oathsworn, Arieanis, kesh. That would be my only suggestion, I love what you guys are doing and i am so psyced to play your game!



Hi Chris,

Thanks for the kind words. We'll make a note of that for any future packets. In the meantime, of those released so far:

Arienis are Selunari, Kesh are High Orcs and Oathsworn are Barbarians.


At this time we are planning for a hard cap of 64 build, HOWEVER, we wish to remain flexible for two critical reasons:

#1. If there are some lower level characters that are in play at the end of the 2016 season that are just over that cap, we may raise the cap to accommodate transfers.
#2. Rules - as many know, there are play tests for the new rules happening this year - the new rules MAY change considerations relating to combat vs. non-combat skills, and spent vs. total build.

Our recommendation is to make a character from our world and keep it under 64 build.

Thanks so much for everyone's patience and consideration!!



Any idea about how many events you plan to run a year? Similar to 9 Towers?
Like what I've read! Plan on hitting up this campaign with my alt! Exclamation marks!!


The "emotional reaction" associated with highest-circle magic - are the details of that specified in the forthcoming player's guide, or is that character-dependent?


To add, they will be specific to the game world, not to the player and frankly - we need to wait to see if the new rules kick in so we've got a "wide brushstrokes" idea, but nothing codified yet.



Gettysburg Staff
Asking on behalf of another player:

Do all PCs need to originate in Stormbreak or can you play as any PC from any chapter as long as you fall under the build cap?