[Temporary Rules Modification] Allow 2.1 Events to continue after playtest period


Alliance General Manager
Alliance Rules
Atlanta Staff
Summary: This proposal specifically requires chapters continuing to run 2.1 events after August 1st, 2023 to utilize the specific playtest revisions (if any) made by ARC as they occur, to transition specifically to 2.1 on the agreed upon live date, and then has a number of other policies which are mimicked in the following rule/policy update (2.1 Playtest rules and policy modifications) - (Feedback, TP, Deaths, Spirit forge (and while Race Change is not mentioned here it is covered on the other vote)

If 2.1 is not released by June 1, 2023, chapters will no longer be allowed to continue running 2.1 games after that date.

Vote: Allow for 2.1 events to continue after playtest period before full adoption into standard [PASS]
The following chapters voted for this policy:Crossroads, Chicago, Atlanta, Minnesota, Raleigh, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Gettysburg, Wisconsin, Denver, Roanoke
The following chapters voted against this policy:None

Synopsis of conversations: This update was also widely supported in light of the much more restrictive policies and much shorter window available upon the beta package release.