[Temporary Rules/Policy update] 2.1 Playtest rules and policy modifications


Alliance General Manager
Alliance Rules
Atlanta Staff
Summary: This vote is intended to create a clear policy for chapters to follow during and while utilizing the 2.1 rules system for playests moving forward. When running a 2.1 Event during a playtest period chapters should follow the below six items specifically.
  1. Chapters continue to follow Treasure Policy as currently exists with the following modifications. All items that exist in both 2.0 and 2.1 will be dropped as normal. Items exclusive to 2.1 must be marked as 2.1 playtest item, and cannot be brought into a game not utilizing the 2.1 playtest rules. At the conclusion of the playtest period, playtest items that remain a part of the 2.1 ruleset may continue to be used, and playtest items that become obsolete (due to being removed from the official 2.1 ruleset) may be exchanged at chapter discretion for items of equivalent value as assigned by the current Treasure Policy. (TP is a non-player facing policy, direct exchange questions towards your local or issuing chapter)
  2. They must collect and submit feedback from players that they feel should be communicated to other Owners and ARC, this maybe accomplished with the ARC google form or a local variation Google Form which is forwarded to ARC.
  3. Chapters may individually choose whether or not to track Player Deaths during 2.1 playtests.
  4. Chapters may individually choose whether or not to allow characters in attendance at their chapters to be Spirit Forged for 2.1 events.
  5. Chapters may individually choose whether or not to allow characters in attendance at their chapters to be Race Changed for 2.1 events.
  6. These policies end upon the Go Live Date of 2.1 being reached, or 2.1 as a concept being completely rejected.

Vote: Temporary rules update: adopt playtest rules modifications/policies as presented [PASS]
The following chapters voted for this policy: Crossroads, Chicago, Atlanta, Minnesota, Raleigh, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Gettysburg, Wisconsin, Denver, Roanoke
The following chapters voted against this policy: None

Synopsis of conversations: This update was widely supported in light of the much more restrictive policies and much shorter window available upon the beta package release.