Thank You


Chicago Staff
Good morning to my fellow adventurers,

I know this past weekend's market gathering was one that had quite a few of us upset or distraught in the manner of how to deal with it. The issue with Trolls in Cinem is a disturbing factor, especially since so many of them do appear to be acting out of the need for food/nourishment. However, this does not justify the kidnapping of children or the murdering of innocent civilians that did not have a hand personally in the movement of the Trolls to their isle and the like.

From what I have informed, the efforts to call for a cease fire/peace talks ended with the leader of the Trolls just outright calling for death and murder. I do not know why this individual would ask for such a thing, while her people are starving right in front of her eyes, but it is something we will indeed need to look into.

Thank you to everyone that chose to step up and help find the two kidnapped children. They are safely back with their family. Let us all continue to work together for the safety of ourselves as well as those that call for protection or assistance. Stay strong until the next market gathering.

~Glenn Stormwolf
Guardian of the First Tree
During our tenuous talks, it became more and more apparent the harder we pushed, that the Chieftain was not completely in control of their thoughts and actions. Our teams current theory is that the blade shoved into her arm is an intelligent artifact that is possessing her to some degree (most likely Fae in origin, considering the tribes' history with them) and allowing her to manipulate the magics in unusual ways, like nullify flame use.

To be clear, we did not choose to talk in ignorance of the children's' safety. Part of our negotiations were to release the children with no need for blood shed.

Ignathis Nachtfeuer
If Cinemian history is any indication, both the fae and troll populations have ample historical reasons to ally with one-another and retaliate against the kingdom of Gavaria. Both people have been abused, enslaved, and systematically persecuted to the point of near-genocide in the recent past. While this history does not excuse the actions of individuals--and those who threaten peace and Balance should be brought to proper justice and reform--there is no question that these people have been ill-used over the generations and have little reason to trust envoys or emissaries from Gavaria. As an outsider, it certainly seems as though Gavaria has been the aggressor in this region. If Duchess Aoki and Queen Gavar condone or are ignorant of these activities, it may be incumbent on earnest friends to point out the discrepancy and help to correct the situation.

Of course, if the troll leader is under some fell influence and exists beyond the bounds of rational discourse, rooting out the source of the befouling influence is the only honourable course. She cannot lead her people if she is not in command of her own Spirit.

Dramthin Hartbsoon
Prademar University
Keeper of the Tainted Grove