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Elwynd strides hurriedly through the door's of Ilsa's Rest Tavern a heavily inked piece of paper clutched in his hand. Something needed to be done to spread information among their group. Their most important goal at the moment was to lay the foundations of the plans for the forward outpost and what was to become their new home.

His lack of ability to read and write at the moment was giving him no end of troubles but he had finally managed to track down someone with sufficient patience willing to help get his information organized and committed to paper.

The young elf comes to a stop at the tavern notice board, he turns and addresses any who happen to be sitting there. "This is all of the information I have gathered from the travelling caravans and independent traders. There are far too many tasks and far too little time to do all that which needs to be done. Anyone willing to make contact with any of the caravans please let me know so that I may keep others appraised of our actions. At this point any information would be appreciated, we cannot secure the assistance of these good folk if we do not know what they seek."

He stops and takes a breath "I know we all fight a difficult battle but in matters of war the mundane cannot be ignored. I gladly accept any help given."

He posts the notice and takes a seat in the tavern.
Supplies for the new fort!

The Red Caravan
Contact Needed
10gp for 3 wagons worth of transport
Willing to transport anything, anywhere, no questions asked!

CW's Transport
Contact Needed
Detailed pricing chart available upon request, open wagons, cloth and wood covered wagons
Any additional information would be appreciated

The Honor Guard
Contact: Aiwin, Male Rocholm elf
Top notch security, capable of guarding as many as 4 wagons through dangerous, previous experience guarding nobles, refuse to work with The Red Caravan

Weapon Supply-
The Smoking Anvil Caravan
Contact: Laris Mcrill, Male Human
Smiths and Traders, Capable of producing and supplying Legendary equipment, good hard working folk
What they seek: A reliable source of ore

Water- (Assistance secured)
Independent dowser
Contact: Jake the dowser, Male Human
Capable of finding water in even the harshest lands

Fort Shaundaular Foreman & Quarrymaster
Contact: Robert Cunningham, Male Human (Ft. Shaundaular) /
Kraven Drumcaller, Stonesinger (Rocholm)

Near by quarry master, Iron golem "Rocky"
Any other information would be appreciated
((07-31-117) Local quarries have been assessed and report delivered to Eric for beginning of negotiations. Alternate, brand-new Rocholm sites are being scouted; report will be available in 4-6 weeks.)

(I [Robert] live in the Fort town, and take meetings by appointment. Please just come talk to me if clarification is required!)

Group affiliation unknown
Drerzin Granitehandle? (Name may be incorrect requesting confirmation from Billin)
Female Kelech-Mor Dwarf
Skilled Stonemason
Any other information would be appreciated

Lord Maryweather
Contact: Lord Maryweather, Male Human Noble
Willing to work arable land in order to assist in supplying the fort with a consistent food supply,
Capable of turning arable land into his own farm, Capable of transforming raw land into arable land (unsure)
What he seeks: A new farm that he may call his own, his own lands in Calanda were given to another and he seeks new prospects within Rocholm. May need another company to clear the land before it can be used

Independent Vendor
Contact: Eski, Female human
Capable of providing all manner of fresh vegetables
What she seeks: She is willing to donate enough orchard supplies to supply 20 acres in exchange for 2 rituals cast (Bountiful Harvest and Stable Foundation)
*assistance from Arcane Sanctum or Earth Weavers would be appreciated

Independent vendor
Contact: Thomas James, Male race unknown
Selling grain both by the bushel and as seeds in 30 pound sacks
Any other information would be appreciated

Fresh Fruit-
Murphy and Family
Contact: Murphy, Male race unknown
Selling all manner of fresh fruit
Any other information would be appreciated
Ruki notices the writing in the tavern, grabs a pen and adds his own notes.

Green Tree Apothecary
Contact: ???, female Kanask elf. Stand off-ish towards Rocholm. Travels with friendly/high dryads (do not eat their leaves)
Selling potions and things. Need to get the caravan masters name and general information. If seen, contact Ruki (was able to speak with her, but didn't take down any information)'

'Alchemy and/or ale-
Contact: ???, dwarves.
Came through the fort selling their ale. Seemed to have alchemical effects. Their banner is tie-dyed. Need to make proper contact and take down their information'
T'ellah adds a note before leaving the fort.

CW's Livestock for Sale

Oxen, Wagon 3 gold
Cattle/head 2 gold, 5 silver
Sheep or Goat or Pig/head 2 gold
Rooster 1 gold 5 silver
Hen 1 gold
Riding Horse 3 gold
Draft Horse 5 gold
War Horse 10 gold
Dog, Guard/ War 2 gold
Dog, Hunting 1 gold
A tall human man steps into the hall early in the morning, pausing to read the bulletin out of curiosity. Shaking his head, he pulls a small quill from an inside pocket, making a quiet 'tsk' under his breath and scribbling some notes on the page... before grabbing a cloth-wrapped bundle of food from the cook with a friendly grin and leaving the building.

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