The Call


(The visage of a Dark Elf dressed in fine clothes and wearing a black sash edged in green with a silver stripe down the middle appears hazy in the distance. His voice is clear, but a little shaky)

By Order of Lord Alaric Skullmaw of House Skullmaw of the Ardesh, I hereby send a Call to all able-bodied persons who will assist us in the destruction of the Necromantic cabal known as the Scions of Katabasis. For more than 700 years, they have tainted the lands to our North and West and grown in power. We have been attempting to alay the spread of the Tainted Lands, but to no avail. The Tainted Lands threaten all life in Urgwenteb to include other neighboring cultures, but we, the Ardesh, were the only ones to have the diplomatic forebearing to petition the Elemental Council to open the Mysts once more after their closure several centuries hence. Our needs are great since the Tainted Lands grow closer to our great city, Gatharbiln, every day. Anyone who is able to attend us in this time of need, we will find a suitable space for you to stay while you are helping us to wage war on the Scions.

-Sir Ranarias Blackfighter of House Skullmaw
(A looming, shadowy figure covered in furs and blood spatter comes into view. His voice booms.)

HAHAHA!!! You cry help like lost sheep. You can no defeat Kas. Me gonna crush you little heads! Gonna throw you back in your hole like ants and cave in on you. If you think you want help them, then no think that! Me crush you and knock you back through Mysts where you come from.

-Kas the Bloody
(A Dark Elf in very fine clothing is sitting casually with a fancy goblet in hand. He lowers the drink from his lips.)

I have offered to assist you before and I shall offer once again: put down your arms against us and join our cause, instead. The power of Necromancy is much stronger than your Earth magic and we have bent it to our will here. I will personally ensure that all current Ardesh nobility be given proper station within our realm just as I have attained.

-Sir Baron Bahyrst the Urbane (formerly of House Gemsailor)
(A bone-white figure with a sunken face and pointed ears lowers the hood of his dark robes)

To all who have heard these summons, let it be known that we are far too powerful for you to defeat us and our power continues to grow as our influence spreads. You cannot hope to stop us as our way is the way of the future for all. You will either bend your knee willingly or you will succumb to our might and rise again as our servants anyway.

For the other members of my "cabal", this is not the appropriate forum to express your hubris. Let your actions speak for themselves and keep your mouths shut. Instead, come to me in the Cloister of Eternal Night that we may limit what help might reach through the Mysts.

-Vaenthon the Spiritless
(A Dark Elf wearing a red sash with gold edging and a gold fish affixed below the shoulder makes a bold appearance with a friendly smile plastered on her face.)

Oh, do please ignore the unseemly commentary. We of House Songmolder are grateful for the invitation that was announced by our friends in House Skullmaw and welcome any guests who wish to visit with us for a time. In the meantime, we will continue to gather our own resources in preparation for the upcoming escalation in hostilities that this wide-scale announcement will surely cause. We have instructed the artisans in our capitol of Gatharbiln to carve out new accomodations which should be ready for you all within a few month's time. In celebration of your assistance, we will also be hosting a Masquerade Ball on the evening of the 13th day in the 12th month this year, so please arrive by that time. Even if none can come to our aid, rest assured that we will be able to take care of these issues without you. The Ardesh are a strong and united peoples with many assets that we can bring to bear.

House Songmolder wishes you all safe travels and peaceful lives.

- Baroness Leonora Songmolder IV of House Songmolder
(Trel's male voice with a distinctive Romani accent)

It vould seem my dreams are disturbed. I can not say how many vill answer the call but I am villing to lend my services. I vill not say more in zis place vith necromancers about.

((Abbath's voice.))

W-ww-will g-grind necromancers to fine p-p.... Powder.
Accept invitation.

I'll be there. I'll bring the Reckoning with me.

---Man-at-Arms Stephano Hallik
If the mists allow, I will travel to participate in the destruction of necromancers. Is a masquerade ball a way to prepare for combat? Is there anything I should bring?

-Maluhia Keahi
Necromancers, interesting. Never a dull moment with them about, and I'm sure Kur will be excited to see this...mask-er-aide. I will bring as many Mord as can be spared from our other tasks.
Maluhia, You be careful, if you gonna try da Mists. Stay close to Stephano, keep each other safe. When dis all over send word to me that you are okay. Also Does Ahi know you doing this?

-Captain Hogrim Earthblade
Captain Hogrim,
I will. He knows. I have been hiding from the cold but will come find you to speak in person before I go or attempt to dream more privately.

Thank you for your offer of hospitality. If the mists allow, my partner and I would be pleased to accept such a gracious invitation and lend what aid we may.

Alorien Vymereth of Ikar