The Conflux City Restoration


Chicago Staff
This last market we adventurers cleansed the Coral Defenders corruption and restored them to their original function, to serve the people of Visir, the Conflux City. However right now, the city is only home to the Kobolds under Summer. I would like to see it grow to any of Visira who wish to take resident.

I have spoken with Summer, the town has many buildings that are in ill repair, and there is plenty of room for new construction. If you seek resident in Visir, you are welcome.

Let it be known that while we adventurers gather every so often in the city, we have a place to gather together, much like we did this market. This building, named Summer's Rain, will serve that purpose. Let it be a place for cultures to gather, problems to be solved and the future to blossom.

Welcome to Visir, The Conflux City!

- Cassandra Malvern
Talon Knight to Summer
Captain of the Erabellan Militia