The Consequence of Silent Deeds | January 12-14 2024


Atlanta Staff
Pre-registration is officially open for our season two second event, The Consequence of Silent Deeds! The below is accurate as of 12/12/2023 – if you have paid but not prereged, it will be reflected below once you have registered in the CMA.

Camp location: 678 Lake Clark Rd Flovilla, GA 30216
Event dates: January 12th to 14th
Event Costs: (can be paid via PayPal at or Venmo @allianceatlantalarp)
  • PC: $60 (Lodging and Event Fees)
  • Optional Food Plan: $20 (Must be paid by Friday, January 5th)
  • State Park Car Parking Pass: $5 (per vehicle)
On-site time: 6PM January 12th
Off-site time: 11AM January 14th
We are required to be completely off site by the off-site time. Please familiarize yourself with our camp cleanup policies here

Logistics: 7PM -9PM Friday evening (if you come after this time there will be instructions within the kitchen)
  • Character cards will be printed at 8PM WEDNESDAY, January 5th. Please plan to have completed your pre-registration in the CMA by this time, otherwise plan to spend longer at Logistics in the character creation line on Friday night
  • Please familiarize yourselves with the new 2.1 ruleset - (
  • Bring all Armor, Weapons, and properly marked Magic items you are intending to check in
  • All weapons must be safety checked before use at each event
On-Site Sleeping
  • Cabins and bunks will be assigned. During pre-reg we will put you in a specific section/cabin; if you fail to pre-reg we will assign you at Logistics. Cabins are heated, and you will need to bring your own bedding (blankets, sleeping bags, pillow, etc.)
  • There are two private PC Cabins and four dormitory style bunks, DORM 1 and DORM 2 to the north of the tavern that will be marked, and will be the primary sleeping space for PCs who have not made other arrangements
Meal Plan
In addition to the planned meals provided by the meal plan various snacks will be available throughout the event at no additional cost. All meals will include a vegetarian version as well as a meat based version, however we will not be able to accommodate other dietary restrictions at this time. If you miss a meal, please speak to the kitchen staff (kindly) to see if they can put something together for you as we want no one to leave hungry!

Parking: there is a parking lot next to the group shelter. GA state parks do require a special mandatory parking fee. If you do not have proof of prior purchase for this event, an annual pass in the car, or a state decal then you will be required to purchase a pass onsite to park a vehicle throughout the event. Information on GA state park passes can be found here

Vehicle use during game on times: Vehicles may not be driven past the parking lot while game is still on for any reason other than emergency services.

Pets: No pets are allowed on site. We are a private club and not set up for the public or the care and consideration for pets or personal animals. If you have a specific service animal please reach out to Kelly and Tony via a message here or Discord to discuss.

Player Cap
Due to a rapidly-expanding game and wanting to preserve both the quality of our game and our NPC resources, we will be instituting a 4:1 player cap this season, meaning that for every 1 NPC we have registered we will be able to serve 4 players. Should we have more players register than NPCs, we will note that below on the Waitlist and confirm all players by Sunday, January 7th.

Please encourage your friends to NPC this season!

Pre-Registration List
Below is the current list of registered players, with notation of if payment has been received and if we are purchasing a parking pass for you. For NPCs, the character you are registered as blanketing is also listed below for awareness/transparency.

If your information below is missing or incorrect, please reach out to Kelly or Tony to correct

PCs Player Name - Character Name (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking, Secondary Blanket)
  1. Brooke S. - Sif (Paid, Meal Plan)
  2. Steven D. - Alyster (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  3. Joshua G. - Thorium (Paid, Meal Plan)
  4. Ryan M. - Killian (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  5. Brian R. - Hallvard
  6. Brooke H. - Ezra (Paid, Meal Plan, Secondary, Parking)
  7. Dennis F. - Ragnar (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  8. Jen M. - Aryn (Paid)
  9. Sam M. - Tendras (Paid)
  10. Letitia P. - Nori (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  11. Brian P. - Beryl (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  12. Miranda H. - Filomina (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  13. Wren H. - Jukkete (Paid)
  14. Louis P. - Derek (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  15. Josh P. - Yew (Paid, Meal Plan)
  16. Sam P. - Barnabus (Paid, Meal Plan)
  17. Rob B. - Doctor Hawkins (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  18. Brandes S. - Cathal (Paid)
  19. Liam O. - Quinnley (Paid, Meal Plan)
  20. Samson B. - Valka (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  21. Nicole S. - Alrynih (Paid, Meal Plan)
  22. Paul S. - Jute (Paid)
  23. Ashley B. - Agatha (Paid)
  24. Jess D. - Bryony (Paid, Meal Plan)
  25. Greg T. - Xennin (Paid)
  26. Olga G. - Moonbeam (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  27. Grace C. - Scarlett (Paid, Meal Plan)
  28. Nathan P. - Dario (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  29. MaryMargaret K. - Evelyn (Paid, Meal Plan)
  30. Bani K. - Nell (Paid, Meal Plan)
  31. Jaymes W. - Mangeur (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  32. Katherine R. - Freya (Paid, Meal Plan)
  33. Rob W. - Briar (Paid, Parking, Secondary)
  34. Lance M. - Zyrim (Paid, Secondary, Parking)
  35. James T. - Sparktet (Paid, Meal Plan)
  36. Mike T. - Locke (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  37. Ethan S. - Almond (Paid, Meal Plan)
  38. Ivy - Astraeus (Paid, Meal Plan)
  39. Kris T. - Droth (Paid)
  40. Garrett P. - Bannor (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  41. Daniel C. - Dasan (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  42. Colby L. - Bash (Paid, Meal Plan)
  43. Caroline M. - Calypso (Paid, Meal Plan)
  44. Bucky M. - Rosie (Paid)
  45. Cody C. - Altrius (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  46. Chrys M. - Wed'j (Paid)
  47. Jeramie I. - Blue J (Paid, Meal Plan)
  48. Travis E. - Balthazar (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  49. Jeff B. - Rizan (Paid, Meal Plan)
  50. Madi B. - Elenora (Paid, Parking)
  51. Sarah K. - Emerald (Paid, Meal Plan)
  52. Brian C. - Carver (Parking)
  53. Vanajyoti F. - Sora
  54. Jessie G. - Morley (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  55. Ayana H. - Acorn
  56. Bo L. - Oz'ii (Paid, Parking)
  57. Trevor P. - Pounce (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  58. Michael O. - Tedrin (Paid, Meal Plan)
  59. Jacob L. - Ace (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  60. Joseph G. - Etcher (Paid, Meal Plan)
  61. JD Meyers - Lain (Paid, Meal Plan, Secondary, Parking)
  62. Squee - Zod (Paid, Meal Plan)
  63. Edward S. - Acorn
  64. Andrew C. - Arcadia (Paid, Meal Plan)
  65. Raevyn P. - Nyx (Paid, Meal Plan)
  66. Jacob B. - Corvus (Paid, Meal Plan)
  67. Stephen Z. - Perry
  68. Nathen V. - Ceeeth (Paid, Meal Plan)
  69. Nick A. - Kendrick
  70. Alex A. - Voyd (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  71. Alan V. - Nautz
  72. Courtney V. - Bella
  73. Lawrence M. - TBD (Paid, Meal Plan, Parking)
  74. Marcus W. - Mark (Paid)

PC Waitlist - Character Name

NPCs Player Name - Character Name (Parking, Secondary Blanket, NPCs all eat free)

  1. Kelly L. - Kira (Parking)
  2. Tony M. - Raganzi (Parking)
  3. Curtis W. - Faelan
  4. Blake H. - Varya
  5. David E. - Heinricht (Parking)
  6. Daniel L. - Esmond
  7. Dena D. - Thibidee (Parking)
  8. Gilad O. - Aithlin
  9. Nate M. - Vaelin
  10. Alexa B. - Avail
  11. William G. - Frrorin (Parking)
  12. Daniel P. - Kylar (Parking)
  13. Tim V. - Rex (Parking)
  14. Ryan C. - New Character
  15. Shyloh W. - Nymira
  16. Conner C. - Francis
  17. Pedro D. - Horneus
  18. Tab M. - Stump
  19. AlecZander E. - Zane
  20. Ritu S. - Ariel
  21. Ashley R. - Ember
  22. Rebecca S. - NC-NPC
  23. Riley H. - Dione
  24. Mike E. - Daedra
  25. India F. - LeLune
  26. Ed H. - Caspian
  27. Jackaughfree D. - Malleus
  28. Jared D. - Ryne
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