The Court Marshal of Hamish

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Court Martial Date: 10-30-119

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Tribunal members:
Colonel Malcolm Colson, General Lucian Dunbow (Ret.), Colonel Montgomery Weatherford (Ret.)

Colson: This general court marshal hearing has come to order. Let the record show that Commander Hamish ap Timmet of the Lux has been hereby charged with willingly casting Necromancy within Calandonia. Commander Hamish, do you deny these charge?

Hamish: No sirs

Colson: Do you have any reason as to why you cast this minor storm of Necromancy?

Hamish: it was under duress. I was facing off against the Fire Giant with only one other member of the Home Guard at my side. In the moment, I gave into desperation and without thought, I cast the lesser Chaos Storm. I recently was transformed into a caster of Earth and did not fully realize the power I was wielding.

Colson: And do you now realize the grave error of your judgement?

Hamish: I do sir. I have taken steps to ensure that I never cast necromancy again. My spell repertoire is that of curses and protectives. I have forgone the ability to cast into Healing magic without preparation as well. This limits my ability to cast Necromancy.

Colson: I see. Gentlemen, any further comments or questions for Commander Hamish?

Dunbow: Hamish, do you understand now the need for proper training when casting Earth magics?

Hamish: Yes sir.

Weatherford: You recently had those within the Lux swear their allegiance to the Tower. I assume that you also have taken that oath? Along with the Oath of the Homeguard and the Knight’s Oath as well?

Hamish: Yes to all of those oaths Colonel.

Colson: That is good to hear. Your service to Calandonia has had you sacrifice yourself on multiple occasions that have lessened your Spirit. Is this correct?

Hamish: Yes Sir. On three separate occasions I have voluntarily given my life for the good of Calanda and Calandonia.

Colson: Yes. I wanted that on the record before judgement is handed down. Commander Hamish, are you prepared for the judgement of the Tribunal?

Hamish: Yes sir. I am.

Colson: Then let us not waste any more time. This tribunal has conferred with both the ArchMage, Lord Az’Caine, the Fatespinner, Lady Zanthia and her Majesty, Queen Ava of Calanda, to whom you are a Knight of.

It is hereby decreed that you will take a Death as per the laws of Calanda. Furthermore, you will be stripped of your rank and title for the next few months as you pay penance with the Earth Weavers. You are hereby commanded to begin training with the Calanda Earth Weavers enclave as an initiate under the watchful gazes of Master Wayanwood, Master Quinn and Master Thistle. They have a quest for you to undertake that should train you in the proper use of Earth magic as well as show you the consequence of using Necromancy and the harm that its use has upon the land.

Commander Xamot and Captain Stigander will take over duties within Brightmoor for the winter months and we will leave Lt Mar Minakoto at the garrison within the Lux to maintain watch.

Once Lady Zanthia and the Masters of the Earth Weavers believe you are ready, you will be reinstated with your rank to the Lux. The Queen will also renew your vow of Knighthood if she deems you to be repentant and worthy. Good Luck on your journey Initiate Hamish. All of us believe you will tackle this task head on and with the honour you have shown in the past.

Guards, please escort Initiate Hamish to the Earth Weavers’ Enclave for his new assignment.

This court martial tribunal is adjourned.

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