The Darkest Places; Rumors heard around the Out Post


Atlanta Staff
The Darkest Places; Rumors heard around the Out Post

The children are sleeping more peacefully now that they know that Brosef; the Lord High Executive of Naps and Snacks, is there to protect them while they dream.

The color purple is considered to be a bad omen. Never willingly invite someone wearing purple into your home, lest disaster strike.

The bandits have been distributing necromantic potions as curatives.

You want some grim reading, take a look at the book near the Earth Circle concerning the sacrifices people have made for the Outpost.

Laundry is going missing from the washing lines. It looks like any yellow or lavender outfit is fair game to be stolen.

The constant rain has made some of the roads impassable. I sure wish someone would make some explosives to get rid of the rubble and clear the roads.

Certain roads have flooded during the deluge. Turns out they were not roads but an ancient system of canals. They are not very deep but you could drag a barge to transport supplies up and down them.

A monster has been cited in the woods, the Order of Jirrah is organizing a party to hunt it down and exterminate it.

The will-o-the wisp shines upon good fortune. When you spot one try and find its lair for you may find hidden treasure.

More and more people are swearing into the Orders, it looks like civilization has finally come to the out post.

Several nobles have brought supplies into town at their own expense. These have been freely distributed among the populace to ensure no one goes hungry.

Beware the darkness around the Out Post. It gets very dark out there and is best if you have a light spell or an alchemical light handy.

A strange burning smell has been wafting out of the woods, there has been so much rain that there is no cause for alarm due to a forest fire. But it is strange.