The District of Portunis


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County of Brigosa
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The District of Portunis:
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County of Ellowi
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Barony of Hoeveth: Coming in October 2021

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The District of Portunis​


District Capital: Velia
Leadership: Justicar Brom Magnasson
Population: 7 city’s worth +
Major Philosophy: Ancestry
Major Societies: Nobility/The Watchmen/Order of Oaths/The Great Hunting Lodge/Iron Shields/Order of Devotion/Exalted of Earth's Imbuement (Earth Guild)/ The Onyx Dawn/The School of the House Chamberlain/Monks of the Papyrus/Realm Army/Morston Finishing School/Genealogy Society of Portunis/Historical Chroniclers of Gilean/Celestial Architects of the Magus (Celestial Guild)
Major Commodities:
Rock Quarry
Meat, Hide, Bone, and Fur
Papyrus, Paper, Velum, Parchment, Magicians Paper
Bog Iron
House Staff
Superior military training/experience

Heraldic Colors: Silver (White), Blue, and Brown



Once had deep, wild forests but over time these were sacrificed to build shelter and provide warmth for growing populations. Over the decades and early centuries, the forests were denuded to near extinction in the efforts to keep disastrous nature and invaders at bay. However, about a century ago, a growing number of the populace concerned with the thinning forests began businesses planting trees for future harvests. Trees often reach 30 to 50 years old before they are harvested and for any tree harvested at least two are replanted. The tree farms are managed to help them withstand naturally occurring forest fires and other issues. Many of the trees are exported to Oakenport to become part of a ship.

The removal of the original forests also made way for agriculture that supports the District’s populace. Not only are grains and root vegetables popular, but also orchards that bear fruit annually such as apples, cherries, apricots, and peaches.

The increase in agriculture brought trade and in just a generator or two the District became the focal point for trade activities across the entire Duchy. As the peregrini of the District began to explore other areas, the bustling merchant community saw an opportunity in funding expeditions. The District quickly became the center not only for trading goods obtained from the expeditions but a growing number of financiers and barristers established a strong legal community.

Today, the District of Portunis is known as the place to go for young ones seeking their fortune by signing on with expeditions that continue to explore the realm.


Flowing, loose-fitting clothing with hair that is styled and set is the norm. One never knows when one might be speaking with the person who will be of advantage to a next endeavor so looking one’s best is advisable. Manners are also important. Handshakes are considered gauche but gentle elbow bumps are appreciated.


The Day of Toils Pass - There is a festival every year for Stoneglen in which the townspeople don’t work for the day except to make bread and food to set out throughout the day/night at the edges of town for those in need. The crossroads are covered in fabrics and items for travelers/downtrodden and food for days. People come from all over. It is where many new bakers get their start, leaving emblems upon their foods to denote who made them.

Great Hunt of the Horn - In Stagshore it is tradition for townsfolk to prove their bravery and intelligence in a traditional hunt once a year. It's supposed to be a symbol of maturity and strength and it's usually part of a larger life ceremony that can last for up to a week.



Leadership: Mayor Rudyard Tinsmith (Dwarf)
Notable Societies:
The Watchmen
Population: Three city’s worth
Notable NPC’s:
Mayor of Velia (Mayor Rudyard Tinsmith) - An old Dwarf and retired soldier from The Zundrukir and aided The Trine in their escape from the Emperor's castle and protected them during The Night of Exodus. He is a grizzled veteran capable of keeping all manner of governance and the denizens of Velia running tip-top.
Juaquina LaManie ( lä Män ē)(Syvanborne), The Grandmaster Tailor of Velia- A prominent figure in the local economy. Famed for her exquisite outfits, this detailed clothier is one of the city leaders and remains one of the realm’s most influential citizens. She runs an elaborate shop called The Mithril Needle in Velia where she measures and fits her clients. There are several rumors that float around regarding her history and background. "The Tailor of Atlari" is opulent and has grown a reputation for publically being vibrant and very “extra”.

Velia is the seat of power for the entire Realm of Nydabeth. It exists within the borders of the Sea of Rowca to the north, the baronies of Blackmoor and Drewynn to the east, the baronies of Hoeveth and West Beach to the south, and the Ivy Fjord to the west. Velia is the residence of the Magnasson family.
It was during a great battle some centuries ago. The Battle of Velia’s Crossing established that Velia, a small farm town at the time, would be the last rally point of the Realms defenders against an invading army. The battle was long and bloody, but in the end, General Unthar was able to hold the line. The amount of magic that was wielded that day, enshrined Unthar when he fell, creating the Tree of Glass; or so the legend goes.
The personal guard of The Trine and the nobility that operate out of the District of Portunis and are known as The Watchmen. The Watchmen have a public face across the whole of the district, that being a stabilizing military presence in and around one of the most influential and political regions of the realm. They all have a reputation for being generally friendly and highly approachable.

Velia POI:
The Tree of Glass - A crystalline structure that grows in the middle of a secluded but public courtyard. At its base, there is a plaque, written in Dwarven, that commemorates a dwarf leader, General Unthar, who fell in the Battle of Velia’s Crossing. Both dwarves and non-dwarves often make a pilgrimage to the tree to pay homage for the freedoms they feel they have because of General Unthar and all those who gave their lives on that fateful day.
Guard shack -The Tharbhuk is a group of protectors of The Tree of Glass, their sole purpose is to protect, educated, and assist the visitors during their time at the location.

The Queen’s Gambit - A tavern in the city that caters to the memory of Queen Ajana Caderian, aunt of the Trine, and ruler of Nydabeth before the Trine.
Squared, stone beams support the upper floor and the ambient lights attached to them. The walls are overflowing with signatures and written messages, undoubtedly from happy customers. The tavern itself is packed. Passing traders seem to be the primary clientele here, which often indicates great food. Several long tables are occupied by, what must be separate groups who have bonded over great food and conversation. The other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who seem to be enjoying themselves a lot, perhaps too much, if such a thing is possible. Even most of the stools at the bar are occupied, though nobody seems to mind more company.

City Norms:
The City Gates of Velia is guarded and comings and goings are logged. Random inspections are done on carts Crossing over the city wall is possible for the very agile but there is a risk of being caught doing so.
The assumption will be that the crossing is for something illegal and an arrest is certain if caught in the act.


Leadership: Mayor Ander Durán (Human)
Notable Societies:
Monks of the Papyrus
Population: A Village worth
Papyrus, Paper, Velum, Parchment, Magicians Paper
Notable NPC’s:

Oracle of the Emu’s Grace (OathSworn) - A student must stop, in the yearly rush to Atlari for school supplies. Oracle Kil Seo reads the student’s fortune for the upcoming scholarly year. Some think she is a gimmick, but others feel she is eerily accurate.

Brother Reed (Wylderkin) - An old Monk of the Papyrus. If you need to know something, anything, about paper products, he is the go-to person. He spends much of his time coming up with creative paper sources, more sustainable and useful ways to create and use paper.

This tiny hamlet is located along the northern edge of the District of Portunis, and is known for producing all types of exquisite papermaking. These various products are used in crafting books and scrolls, which are exported to the various scriptoriums and magical realm schools. Often the Royal Academy students come here at the start of the school year looking for the best scripting material.

Altari POI:
The Painted Cliff - As you head north out of Atlari, toward the beach of the Sea of Rowca, you will pass a large cliff close to the water’s edge. The cliff has been entirely covered in paint from hundreds of people leaving pictures and messages over the years.

The Great Emu Race - A major annual event. As the emu is used for both parchment making, and harvesting for writing quills. A non-rider race is sponsored every year by various schools. The winner gets a very special book and quill set, enchanted to never be destroyed.


Leadership: Mayor Maaline Graythane (Human)
Notable Societies: Exalted of Earth's Imbuement (Earth Guild)
Population: A village worth
Commodities: Rock Quarry
Notable NPC’s:
Guildmaster Raimonds (High Ogre)- This powerful Earth Formalist is akin to a Nydabethian celebrity, being singularly responsible for The Trine surviving The Night of Exodus, after healing wounds the triplets received during the escape that should have left one or all of them dead. He has attained an extraordinarily large amount of knowledge on both the plane and magical school of Earth at an extremely young age, which has sparked no end of rumors about how he has managed that feat.

Alfrik Turner (Hobling) - Holder of the quarry. Employs the transient downtrodden. Instead of just giving a handout, he helps them get back on their feet. Often has a high amount of turnover in the field, but always maintains his quotas.

Stoneglen is the second largest rock quarry in the Realm, supplying much of the surrounding land with cut stone and construction aggregates like sand, gravel, and slate. The quarry is 600 feet (180 meters) in diameter with 50 foot (15 meters) walls.
This town has become known not only for its quarry but also as a known refuge for the downtrodden. Residents (and travelers) will leave clean, worn clothing in baskets on back porches of local establishments for those that are in need. The quarries use blankets to haul/cover up the rock and when they get worn they are cleaned and set out for those in need to reuse. This tradition dates back to the times of the Selunari and has always remained, it’s one of the memories that the town carries with it.
Stoneglen has a powerful Earth Guild to support its transient population of the downtrodden.

Stoneglen POI:
The Moss Boulder - If you head west out of Stoneglen, toward Stagshore, about halfway there, a bit off the beaten path there is a small trail that leads to a gigantic, smooth, moss-covered boulder. Touching the stone with your bare hands results in the moss slowing moving to wherever was touched. The boulder is usually covered with several handprints from travelers.


Leadership: Lady Ysmene Gilmore (Biata)
Notable Societies:
The School of the House Chamberlain
Order of Devotion
Population: A city’s worth
Bog Iron
House Staff
Notable NPC’s:

Headmistress Lady Ysmene Gilmore (Biata) - Lady Ysmene is the Lady of Ironcrest and the Headmistress of one of the two main employers of Ironcrest. She brought herself up as an employee within households and now trains those who seek to follow the path of status. She is a tall woman, with a graceful gait and gold feathers upon her face and hair.

Dexton Charliza (Dryad) - Blonde, shaggy hair hangs over a furrowed, wide face. Darting blue eyes, set elegantly within their sockets, watch readily over the new class of bright-eyed young students that he will be training for the next few years as a trainer within the Knightly Order of Devotion. Tendrils of trumpet vine and honeysuckle fall around his otherwise smooth skin, this is the face of Dexton Charliza, charisma and prestige emanate from this dryad. He stands short among others, despite his lithe frame. There's something intriguing about him, perhaps it's his sense of comradery, or perhaps it's simply a feeling of indifference. But nonetheless, people tend to hit it off with him, while making up bigger stories about their time with him as their trainer or even bigger stories of him as their ally.


Ysmene Gilmore was a steward in high demand. Any house that she graced her presence in, notably prospered. Inter House wars were started over obtaining her services. This was untenable in her view. How can any House prosper if they fight over such a limited commodity? Thus she removed herself from service. Instead, she founded a school where she can pass on her specialized skill set. Now it is a point of honor, and bragging, for any noble to acquire the services of someone trained by the School of the House Chamberlain.

Order of Devotion - Knightly order filled with warrior scholars that train and protect young nobles of Nydabeth

Ironcrest POI:
The Ironcrest Signpost - At the crossroads, south of town, is a massive post covered with signs pointing in all directions. The signs are all names of distant places with days travel marked next to the name. It is a ceremony for someone graduating from House Chamberlain to place a sign for where they will serve on the post as they leave. There are rumors that mysterious signs appear and disappear all the time, to realms in outside shards.

Loch Iron - This large inland lake is located northeast of Ironcrest a few hours’ walk from the settlement. It is picturesque and the waters found cool most of the year. It does run deep. Oddly deep. So much so that in some parts the bottom has yet to be found. And many rumors abound about what lies beneath the surface from giant serpent guardians to schools of freshwater piranha, to underwater stores of fabled bog iron capable of crafting weapons with special properties.


Leadership: Lord Marshal Alyn Kuppess (Biata)
Notable Societies: Realm Army
Population: A cities worth
Commodities: Superior military training/experience
Notable NPC’s:
Sergeant Fralku (Oathsworn) - Having seen many battles, the Sergeant had been placed In charge of training troops and new recruits. Hardened, and scarred (both literally, and proverbially) by those battles, the Sergeant takes their duty seriously. Not wanting the young soldiers to have to face the same traumas they did, they come down on those who step out of line a little harder than usual. Colorful metaphors always come out of this training ground and impart a bit of humor at appropriate times while maintaining discipline. Especially since the Iron Shields are the preeminent posting in the Realm.

Matron of the Grey Market (Dark Elf) - Colloquially known as the Grey Matron. No one opens grey market operations, like brothels or gambling without her blessing. She gives loans to those in need of grey market services. But since most of her market is the military, she leverages secrets. It is well known she deals honorably, but not to be crossed.

The base of operation for the Iron Shields that maintain and patrol Skybridge, located just to the northwest. Renowned for their in-depth military training, specific to fighting in close quarters and from condensed formations. A posting to Bridgemoor is highly sought after for a career military officer or soldier. The Iron Shields are engaged in many border engagements and training is occurring daily, thus adding to the continued prestige of spending a tour of duty in this location.

Bridgemoor POI:
Worrystones - There are three, roughly human-sized stones that usually appear in a clearing north of Bridgemoor. Once they have been observed closely by someone and then all eyes are off of them, they disappear. A search inevitably reveals them to be peeking from behind a nearby tree, the bottom of the town well, or hidden by thick bushes. If discovered, they disappear again as soon as they are unobserved.

Market of the Swap - A set of impermanent shops that vendors come and go from. Known for trading, or swapping, goods as barter rather than coin. Tailoring to the varied interests of the military fortress of that is Bridgemoor


Leadership: Lord Wiliame Morston (Stone Elf)
Notable Societies:
Morston Finishing School
Order of Oaths
Population: A City's worth
Notable NPC’s:
Old Man “Joe” (Oathsworn) - Groundskeeper for the school. He has been in or around the school since he was a small child. He always seems to be grumpy from something or other. He seems to keep to himself, mostly.

Evermond started out as a fort that served as the headquarters for the Watchmen. Soon after the nobility would send their children here to be groomed by the Watchmen, so the nobility knew the purpose of the order. After a time it grew into a finishing school, where the nobility sent their children to refine their social and soft skills of being a leader. Only the most seasoned military veterans will be brought to the school, often imparting their vast experiences and skillsets to young nobles. Now it is considered gouache if you have not attended the school by the time you take on a title above knight.

Evermond POI:
The Charity Cave - Heading out of Evermond west, toward the steep edge of the Ivy Fjord, there is a small staircase that leads down to a cave behind the ivy-covered walls of the cliff face. At the back of the cave is a large metal chest embedded into the stone floor with the words, “If you take something, leave something”, inscribed into the front. The chest is unlocked and has several trinkets inside.

Haunting of Fort Morston - Nobles often talk about seeing ghosts walking around the old Fort area. Never actually able to interact with the nobles, but they’ll tell stories of seeing someone walk the streets, only to pass through a solid wall. Or wailing in the middle of the night that no one seems to be able to pinpoint. Stories like these are often told to younger students, mostly as hazing.


Leadership: Lord Mayor Powel Moefana (Oathsworn)
Notable Societies: The Great Hunting Lodge
Population: A City’s worth
Commodities: Meat, Hide, Bone, and Fur
Notable NPC’s:
Sugia Dhuppur, Grandmistress High Orc Hunter of Stagshore- There are many rumors about where she came from originally. Some say she simply wandered down from out of the Sea of Rowca. Others say she is the daughter of a powerful High Orc chieftain and fled an arranged marriage. What is known is that there are few that can match her skill with hunting down prey and drinking alcohol.
Monster Hunter Kjerag, High Ogre - There are adventurers that make their name from hunting those rumored monstrosities in the Realm, and then there is Monster Hunter Kjerag. Every scout that aspires to be a monster hunter, looks to them as the epitome of what it is to be one. No one knows any specifics about him; some say Kjerag is as tall as a giant, or as dark as a dark elf. But one thing is sure, he is the most effective at bringing in the bounties of monsters.

There are no greater hunters and trackers than those that train here. It is said that no matter the terrain, no matter the weather, there is no prey capable of running and hiding from a graduate of Stagshore. It is rumored that they are capable of tracking a falcon on a cloudy day. The local economy has grown and continues to thrive around The Great Hunting Lodge at Stagshore and the meat, hide bone, and fur goods that these hearty people produce.

Stagshore POI
The Moons Egg - Just west of Stagshore, there is a massive dome-like stone formation that shines a milky white when bathed in direct moonlight. On nights when the moon is full, it is also warm to the touch.

The Royal Academy​

Leadership: Erighec Snowbeard - Non-Binary - Dwarf
Notable Societies:
Genealogy Society of Portunis
Historical Chroniclers of Gilean
Celestial Architects of the Magus (Celestial Guild)
Exalted of Earth's Imbuement (Earth Guild)
Population: 2 Village worth
Commodities: Academia
Notable NPC’s:
Maggie Dorgan-(Selunari) - Head of Genealogy Society - Maggie is the most knowledgeable person within the walls of the society. All documents within are coded for protection and she is the lead cryptologist in the lands, protecting the secrets of the families from those who might seek to modify or otherwise tamper with the records.


The largest formal school in the Realm of Nydabeth. This is the preeminent seat of academia within the realm. Appointment to The Royal Academy is a highly sought-after prize by much of its citizenry and graduating from its hallowed halls is no mere boast as just the mention of such an honor has been known to open doors. Its wizened and illustrious faculty have claimed much of the brightest minds Nydabeth has produced and its classrooms offer as wide and varied a field of study as any other institution in all our borders.

The Royal Academy POI
Genealogy Society of Portunis - This society has maintained a focus on tracking the family lineage of families, from noble to commoner, within the borders of Portunis. Their scribes are commonplace throughout the Duchy, documenting births, deaths, and marriages. While having no official powers, their true neutrality and confidentiality have been respected for many years. The majority of citizens understand the sharing of important life events only helps the Society maintain a detailed library that is available as an important reference to anyone. Their records have been pivotal in helping resolve many legal disputes and conflicts due to their in-depth research into family lines in the area.

Pilgrimage One of the Nine - Nestled into a less frequently visited alcove of the University is a life-sized statue of Stena, the daughter of Morgane and Aelynthi. She is standing straight but is gazing down into a large open tome held in front of her. She was known to be a voracious reader and in fact, many of the tomes in the University Library, named after her, once belonged to this noble.

Points of Interest in the District of Portunis​

The Onyx Spire​

There is a palatable aura in the air surrounding this location that seems to emanate from the spire. It is foreboding and over time makes staying close by increasingly uncomfortable.
The Onyx Spire continues to be used to protect the Realm from all sides coming through the Mists and remains one of the many northern defensive structures, protecting Nydabeth from many water-borne threats. A giant obsidian lighthouse on the western shore of the Bay of Twilight acts as a beacon for all southern sea traffic on the Sea of Rowca. The order of mages that reside within maintain the mystically augmented light at the spire’s peak with undaunted fervor, and as of this writing it has never been extinguished. This fortified tower is the primary estate for the second born of the noblest royal triplets, and only sister, Her Highness Eleradia Caderian. The personal guard of Highness Eleradia Caderian operates out of the District of Portunis and is known as The Onyx Dawn.


There is a rocky coastal expanse of land that anchors the eastern side of Skybridge, a stone bridge that arcs across the middle of the Ivy Fjord, and connects on the western shore to The Silventis Compact. Travel across the bridge is vigilantly guarded and protected by a company of Royal Nydabethian Knights as precious little that has ever emerged from those treacherous lands have been for good. The extremely skilled and brave Iron Shields report directly to the youngest royal triplet, His Highness, Prince Daleth Caderian, Knight Commander of all Nydabethian military forces.

Ivy Fjord​

This very steep and narrow fjord is fed by the Sea of Rowca to the north and is completely covered, on both sides by the thick, lush ivy that this geological oddity derives its name from. This deep waterway separates The Silventis Compact and the western border of the realm. Skybridge spans the approximate line along the southern portion of the Ivey Fjord and is guarded on the eastern edge by Iron Shields.

Iron Shields Emblem
Iron Shields gules, over a bend sinister or a Gallic ornament 5 argent.png
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