The Dragon's Hoard approaches...for sales!

Willem Rivet

Hello adventurers.

The Dragon's Hoard, which is unfortunately unaffiliated with any local dragons, has heard the call for aid in this "Conflux City." While I will be present as a merchant, I will also be participating in the fray. As my Artisan loadout is highly mutable, what sort of aid do the adventurers of the area typically need? Healing? Mending? Evocation? Alchemy for Debuff aid?

And does anyone need Production of any kind? While I am brimming over with Potions (including three Panaceas of Cure Disease, and several Cure 5 Panaceas), scrolls (just soo many Pins/Shackles), and just too much to list. I can go over in detail if there are those who seem interested.

The Dragon's Hoard pricing remains constant for Production, as in at-cost.

Let me know!

-Willem Rivet