The Echo of a Call | November 4th-6th


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OOG NOTE: This personal message is sent to all characters who PC'd the one-day prelude event in April. You may make the decision yourself if your character receives it or if they are unable to be found.

To my brave companions of the foray into the Dreamwood,

I reach out to you again to request your aid. The undead forces we encountered in April were part of a much larger force that had been skirmishing throughout the country for nearly a year, with seemingly no source. The adventure we took has now created a path for us to establish a settlement and some outlying forts within the Dreamwood. I have been granted station over the Outpost Cerenys in the heart of the forest and I would ask you to join me once more. I intend to learn what we can of the significance of the Great Orders within the Dreamwood, anything we can of the Akedian threat to Chalameria, and otherwise create a space of safety for us all.

While we are establishing our society the martial forces of the realm will be fighting back the swarms wherever they appear. As the primary entry and exit to the Dreamwood it will be upon us to keep Cerenys safe and hold our position, though I do have word from Chalameria's esteemed ruling council, the Concord, that we will have visitors from every Great Order coming to support our efforts.

Our first visitor is a Lord of Serratura and emissary from the colleges of Insignia – in just a few short weeks he is supposed to be meeting with a rumored being of great power living within the Dreamwood longer than most histories can remember. It is our intent to see that meeting happen safely for all involved as I believe it will be the first step towards adventures to come. We intend to meet the first weekend of November, 622; I know I have called upon your skills once already, but as the clouds loom darker and threats grow larger implore you to please answer this call and help us establish a safer Chalameria for all.

May your travels be fair,

Dame Linden of the Order of Istrado
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