The End and Current Condition of Caldaria



As most people know, the CT game has had no events for some time and the chapter is no longer operational. We have had the opportunity to resolve some portions of the story and give players still actively playing the game varying degrees of closure in other chapters, but we wanted to do more. Unlike the de facto hand waving that has occurred when other chapters have closed, we wanted to create a story of what happened to and with Caldaria, and establish that it didn't just stop being accessible. In short, we wanted to make it so that the fact the game was closed OOG never had to be brought IG.

To that end- here is the current status of Caldaria, and a very brief explanation of the last few years.

When we last saw our valiant adventurers, they were dealing with a number of challenges. The Voodoo Undead, under their dark leader Hooknose, a/k/a The Hag, were becoming increasingly active. The Dracocrypts of the mad paragon dragons were being opened by an unknown force. Time itself was skipping like a wobbly record. The Fae of Winter and Autumn were preparing for something. The apocalypse bugs were ramping up their pressure on the world. The Absence, a pit of raw magic and madness that embodied "nature abhors a vacuum" and the vacuum created when an entire nation of powerful mages left the world, was spitting out stranger and stranger things. Kurzinor was embroiled in a deadly civil war. And there were some A-Hole space pirates that seemed to have their own agenda, but were far too random for anyone to have a clue...

Over the last year, a glowing sigil appeared in the sky, heralding the coming of a being from beyond the stars, bent on consuming Caldaria, Kurzinor, and anything else it could reach. Prophets, sages, and beings of power worked together to build trust to fight off this cosmic threat, but active forces of an agent of this being, known as the Drafe, opposed this loose collaboration. It was revealed that the being opening the Dracocrypts over the last several years was a harbinger, sworn in service to the Drafe and wielding some of its power. Eventually, this being's identity became known- Haden, a wrym responsible for the madness that infected the Paragons in millennia past. War ensued, and ended only when the newly crowned Empress of Kurzinor took to the field to confront Haden and revealed more secrets of that dark and hostile land (secrets best left for the telling of those that know).

The Drafe arrived and the best efforts of the Alliance were found wanting. It made landfall with soldiers of solid mist and a seeming infinite supply of a single draconian being that replicated itself over and over again. All seemed lost, the weapons created to destroy the Drafe breaking, useless, and the magical ability of truly absurd power, helpless.

It was in that final moment that someone, stories will vary as to who, sought to stave off the end through any means possible. Time itself was broken. The land frozen in an eternal moment before the end. The Moon above, caught between heartbeats mid-explosion, cracking like an egg as if something trapped within was breaking free.

Thus endeth the tale....

But Plot- what does that mean for me!?

All characters from the Caldaria campaign are either- 1) already off continent at the end, 2) case violently into the mists in the final moment, or 3) trapped in a frozen-time-that-is-not. This third option exists solely so that if you are playing in another game and their Plot team wants to, things like rescue missions, etc., are an option. The IP of Caldaria itself reverts to the national organization, and I don't think anyone, anywhere, will have an issue with a Plot Team running a quick snatch and grab mission to save a character IF THAT PLOT TEAM WANTS TO. So what's next for your character- that is for you the player to work with your new home to determine.

Will this ever end?

Who can say? This "ending" was deliberately written in a way that leaves the world intact, to a point, should someone someday want to pick up where we left off. It leaves the possibility of characters working elsewhere to try and save friends, family, or even their world. Ultimately, who can say what will happen next in a world as magical as Alliance? For now, it is an ending, who know if it will be the end? Not us, that's for sure.

And with that, thank you,

The Remnants of Caldaria Plot
Thank you, JP. Thank you to all the Caldaria staff, recent and years past. It was a great ride. Hope to see you all again someday, as players, plot writers or just chilling with a cold one for a job well done.

Much appreciated,
Is there any chance the old caldaria character database is going to get imported in to 2.0? I know some of us have alts "trapped" in it from days of old.
Is there any chance the old caldaria character database is going to get imported in to 2.0? I know some of us have alts "trapped" in it from days of old.

I don't have a copy of the database. If I get a copy I can verify as correct, we can explore this possibility.