The fairdail merchants guild will be at the Aug gather


Yes folks of Fairdale the merchants guild was at the July gather and successfully filled every order that came in! We will be at the Aug gather and are takeing orders now! Post here or message me privately! We don't deal in magical things that caint be produced easily but we do produce many things of the alchemical, potion, scroll, and blacksmithing variety! So if there's something you need let us know!!!
Fairdale, I don't know about the rest of their wares, but the arrows that this Merchant's Guild makes are high quality and they fly true!

Balls, I am always in need of more, and I'd like to place an order now for the August gather of ten quivers' worth. If this is too many, I will buy all that you have. Please do not overexert your smithing skills on my behalf, haha.
Brother Ketemycos,

I have a few quivers you may have. When we meet up in Ashforest I will give them to you then.

Balls and other merchants,

Thank you for the potions and elixers. They really helped me when I was unable to cast from memory. I will be coming to you again the next time I am in town.

Eitiri Anvilstrike
Really Cuar, you too? If your going to undermine a friends buisness please do it privately insted of on my merchant guild dream scape! It's not here for that if you find a friend needs something contact him privately!
seeings how I will see him sooner then you will I feel as if it would be safer for him to have at least a few arrows rather then none at all. Also, if I am giving him a quiver, wouldn't logic say that I will need some as well soon? Then would I not go to your business for said arrows? I care less for coins or cost. I only care for the safety of my new found friend. Do not mistake my kindness for someone attempting to steal you business Landiara.
Cuar, thank you in advance. I will gladly accept any arrows you can spare, and I thank you for your concern for my wellbeing. I do have some arrows left over from this past gather, but I prefer to have more than necessary. I'd rather have an extra quiverful and not need it than need one and not have it. Please know I would aid you should you ever be in need; you only need ask. But for those who might care, Let It Be Known To All That Ketemycos Sharpshot Owes Cuar Hyanda a Favor.

Balls, do not worry; my order stands as it was placed. Will you be able to gather the asked amount? Again, it's no problem if you cannot.