The Fate of the Maelstrom

People of Fortannis, hear me.

The lands known as the Maelstrom are finally free of the Wretched Outsiders. We have succeeded in ending the long, grueling war which has beset our lands for near a decade and untold time before the Mist Walkers arrived.

We have paid in our lives, our suffering and our blood and we have succeeded in the destruction of our enemy. Now it falls to us who remain to build a prosperous home for ourselves, our children and our children's children.

From the bottom of my heart as a knight and noble of these lands, thank you to any and all across this creation who have leant us their aid. I may speak only for myself, but I am certain my peers would concur with me.

Thank you to the lands of Enerret, Strayden, Ceriopolis, Acarthia and Aer'Astria who sent us food and arms when we were huddling in caves, clawing our way back from the brink.

Thank you to the lands of Parna, Andar, Garrenshaw, and the Dragon Lands who shaped the warriors have stood for us.

Thank you to the lands of Dragonhold and Etheria who sent us their strength in our hour of need.

Thank you to the lands of Moria who gave us the final hours of one of their best.

Thank you to Calderia, Asbury, Dragonreach, the Deadlands, Barran, Caladonia, The Golden Horn, Eloria, and The Wayside for how you have touched all of our lives, and the hope you sent.

And for myself, thank you to my seconds in command for the gather: Her Excellency Baroness Pluvianella Charbonneau, Ser Kjeld son of Bjarn, Squire Shin Shanshi, Squire William of Lion's Stand, Lady Captain Liren Silverrose, Lady Lucet Vindicta Petronia, Master Nikos Sonus, and Aziraphel.

Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude. We are finally a free people.

Ever in Faith and Service,
Lady Dame Marisa Silverrose Husarri Saephis
Knight Commander of the Order of the Ephemeral Star
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This victory belongs to all of Fortannis. We could not have done it alone. Thank you all, truly.

To everyone who has lent us blade and spell, coin and goods, friendship and hope and determination throughout this war, it has been my honor and pleasure to serve you, to serve alongside you, and to call you all my friends.

With utmost gratitude,
Baroness Pluvianella Charbonneau