The Festival of Draconalia

Adventurers far and wide,

I have been asked by the Court of Amis-Moore to make the following known publicly.

They have asked me to research and translate texts about an ancient festival known as Draconalia. Though I have made good progress, some minor details still elude me, but my findings are to be shared with all via the dream realm. I would also give my thanks to Nicolai Terellian for his assistance when I was occupied elsewhere.

The Draconalia Festival has several events that are held to show honor to the Wyverns of Tar'Navarria and their victory over an invading dragon and his army. The Festival has not be run for nearly 400 years.

The events are set up like a tournament and the winning team is to receive some sort of grand prize that I have yet to identify, the rough translation being "a treasured chest". The winning team will be the team who wins the most scored events.

There are only four teams allowed into Draconalia. Each team must pick a color and all teams must be as equal in number as possible. The available colors are White, Black, Red and Blue. All participants in scored events must choose their team in advance and may not change allegiance after competing.

The first event is a Grand Melee with the following rules
-Anyone who can use a weapon effectively in battle may participate and this includes bows
-No magic, protective spells or alchemy may be used.
-All combatants will take the field at the same time
-If someone breaks your armor and draws blood on you, renders one of your limbs unusable or disarms you of all of your weapons, you have been defeated and must leave the field of combat with your weapon or hands held high to signify your defeat.
-Last combatant standing is the winner

The second event is the Archery Competition
-Targets will be set up on a path and each station will have 5 arrows ready to use
-Participants will use their bow and the supplied arrows to register a hit on the target
-If no hit is landed, the participant must wait for the same amount of time it takes to refit one's armor
-Fastest time of completion will be crowned as victor.

The third event is the Stealth Competition
-Several minor constructs are kept in storage for this competition. Their location has been found and they have been prepared.
-The constructs were created for this competition and have been fitted with crossbow ballistas that are meant to disable a person's legs for a short time. -They were also created with a switch on their backs that will deactivate them when hit.
-They will be placed in a patrolling pattern in the forest and surrounding a box.
-The first person to successfully reach the box and open it wins.

The fourth event is an Alchemy Competition
-Competitors will be placed in an arena and given 3 empty gas globes for each rank of proficiency in the alchemical profession
-Competitors will not be allowed to leave the arena until the competition is over
-Paid participants will charge into the arena to strike the competitor with a padded weapon
-Any participant hit with an empty gas globe will return to a central point and charge in again after a time
-If the competitor is hit with a padded weapon, their part in the competition is over
-The competitor who 'gasses' the most participants before being struck, wins

The fifth event is a Hunt
-Each team will be given a list of items
-The team that turns in the most items at the end of the time limit wins
-The items are mostly mundane and the list a secret until revealed at the beginning of the festival proper.
-The list and items are to be handed in and tallied about an hour before the Ball and Feast.

The sixth "event" is a Ball and Feast
-This is not a scored event, it is simply a "fancy dress masquerade ball".

The seventh and final event is a Show
-Each team will present some sort of entertainment for up to 5 minutes.
-The winning team will be decided by the attending audience cheer

In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by Draconalian Stand-off.
-3 competitors from each team will be chosen
-It will be 1 vs 1 with competitors taking 10 paces from each other before casting aura at each other.
-Whomever is struck first is defeated.
-Whomever wins 2 of 3 stand-offs will be the winning team.
-No spells may be cast, only unfocused aura may be thrown.

Wizards and Scholars from the Court of Amis-Moore have seen and approved these translations as accurate as can be. To this end, they will be donating coin to fund the festival for all to enjoy as well as donating many of the prizes for each individual competition.

Alongside this tournament, there will be many games and events both public and private brought in to lighten the spirits of all so that everyone may enjoy the festival.

The Errant Court of Brittington will be charged with hosting the festival at The Festival Grounds of East Amisaria.

I have been asked to sit as impartial judge for each tournament event and as such, cannot participate in them. If there is doubt to my integrity and my honor in this matter, I ask that you bring up your concerns in private where I will address them sans ill will or offense.

I will be available here in the dream realm to assist in answering any questions that may arise or translations that may be unclear and to provide further details if possible.

With that, I will be heading to Amisaria shortly and hope to see you all there.

---Stephano Hallik
Man-At-Arms, Brittington Irregulars
Errant Court of Brittington
From the office of the Court of AmisMoore:

It is known to us the current strife surrounding the newly resurfaced Dragons and Wyverns, so the Court would like to illustrate that centuries ago these beings inspired every sort of artistic expression and several festival holidays in the formative years of Old Amisara. We see this festival as a rebirth of the recently devastated Amisaran people and a mark of bonding between the Kingdom of Brittington and the former Amisaran refugees under our protection. We encourage good will and fun in the name of their cultural rebuilding. In addition to aiding Man-at-Arms Hallik, I will be happy to answer any and all questions as well.

Dame Shona Taggart
Countess of AmisMoore


...*mumble*...uh, gotta sleep, Festival tomorrow! So close, almost back to Al..uh, what? Teamss...I wanna be on the red team...ZzzZzzZzz

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