The forge relit, The eruption of Finna Harta, The fall of a Grand Terra Stone

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
I want to thank everyone for your patience, it has been such a busy season. Our game(s) are doing fantastic and the site is making so much progress. I appreciate everyone and their time and effort so much.

Late winter, early spring.

There was a brave rescue and a group that went into the Echosis Forest, brought back grandfather aka Breccharian. This closed the rift into the shadow realm, the shadows slowly stopped crawling into the world. The kikari no longer were wrapped in hostile shadows.

A group was seen entering the ruins on the Island of Dread Refuge. There was quiet and then the night was broken with a giant purple and red comet smashing through the top of the ruins. Landing in the water, two dragons fought tooth and nail. Growling and snarling. Then the darker dragon escaped and took to the skies, the purple comet continued to the east. The reddish gold dragon flew back into the ruins. Moments later, the fires of the forge deep in the ruins begin to heat up. Days later there was activity seen at the abandoned Peech Castle on the edge of the Dread Refuge. Rumor has trickled through that the brave and fearless Ivar had fallen in battle with a dragon freeing Rockholm from the icy tundra.

Late Summer, Early Fall.

There was one night that was so clear and warm, you couldn't help but step out in the night and admire the stars. When the sun was completely set, there was a meteor shower and during the shower you could lightly smell cocoa and warm sugar. As the meteor shower comes to an end, there is almost an ethereal laughter of a small girl on the winds.

One night at the Savario Hills south of Finna Harta, there was a huge mage battle. It carried on until one mage changed into a dark dragon and the purple glows continued as the mages fought ferociously back. The mages attempt to escape and all of them disappear in a glimmer of shadow. Then there is quiet and two hours later, the Finna Harta volcano blows so fiercely that multiple vents erupt. The ash fell for hours after. There is a Grand Terra Stone near Finna Harta, the eruption caused enough damage to kill the ogre guarding it and destroyed the stone. The magic that keeps undead out, fails and from Mournstead to Crossroads, the dead have begun to appear again.

Days later, Tobias was seen exiting the Finna Harta volcano carrying the blue crystal shard that was once the top of Rhydell's staff. Rhydell is declared dead and Derek left the plane with a smile on his lips.