The Geist Awakens!

You are where you are. You are researching the threat that is Nictus, you are researching the threat that is the Drafe, You are walking between the realms that are Nightmares and Dreams, you are rebuilding what was once once glorious and could be once again in Ashbury. You are calling your allies far and wide to assist you in the endeavour set before you, but all of you at one moment you stare up in the sky, you feel compelled to walk outside, as if you would miss some monolithic change if you did not see what was about to happen. Each of you find yourself looking at one point in the sky, one point in Nordenn as a column of black energy rises into the sky. In Blythedale it is thick and pulses with a malignancy. To those in Corrheim its is a thin line that splits the sky in 2. All those who are Landbonded and Guardians feel a sickness inside of them as they look upon the sight of it. Even those who have mist walked to other lands feel that something is wrong in Ashbury, and these words penetrate your mind.

“I am the Geist! You wish to reconnect with the Land Bond of Ashbury, and I am that which stands between you and that goal. You are not worthy. I shall take all that you have done and make it my own. The Land Bond shall be mine alone. Come to Shadowkeep, come and face me, come and face the death of everything your vaunted nobility and heroism stand for. I am the Geist and I shall show you how your efforts are worthless before me!” Come and let me thank you for making all of this possible!”

All those who have landbonds feel their connection fade only to surge back suddenly. Guardians see their watchstone tokens go black for a few seconds and then return to normal. The column of black energy fades away, but the echo of that voice inside your head remains.
Everyone. It’s time to get to work.

I’ll be there waiting for those who will join me.