The Hero of Hanslayne!


"A great hero appeared with a caravan. His name was Sir Miles Everett, and he appeared in Hanslayne. He promised a loaf of bread and dried meat for every person who hungered What you won't believe is his price!? Just a smile and a hand shake. Most of them noble types don't bother with us down in Hanslayne. They call us green teeth, they ignore our needs. Not him though. He fed us. 3 cheers for the Hero of Hanslayne! Sir Miles Everett, Order of the Sword and knight of Allacar."

I think, Allacar is in the north west portion of Kundirk, in the area formerly called Michael's Lands. Not familiar with the term 'green teeth', orcs? Based on Sir Mathis' maps Hanslayne is in the southwest corner of Brunston.

Why is a Knight of Allacar feeding the populace in another country?

It's not actually that strange when you think about it, Gideon:

Allacar is already seeking to use the disturbance caused by Bleak and his defeat to jockey for better position in Kun'Dirk. They pulled their forces back so our kingdom would be forced to deal with the Undead alone, weakening our military and drawing our attention away from them.

Now they're reaching out and providing aid to some of the underprivileged and struggling in Dragonsreach. This isn't simple charity, but a calculated attack. If it comes to war, they will have ingratiated themselves with parts of the populace which will make their annexation easier at the least, and possibly gain allies behind enemy lines at the best. And if we try and stop them from doing this, we earn resentment among the populace and give Allacar an excuse to retaliate in their defense.

Our best course of action is to go down there and do more extensive humanitarian efforts in the area and around the kingdom to cut off that route of attack.

At least, that's what I think, I welcome other ideas wholeheartedly.


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I will volunteer to do some humanitarian efforts in the area as well, if you would like.
I can pass out food too.

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